4 Controller Ports

Who wouldn’t want 4 instead of 2?
The SNES had 4, the N64 had 4, the Dreamcast had 4.

Was that the last system to have 4 stock controller ports?

Ummm PS3. Wtf?

Wireless controllers are now the standard. So actually, modern consoles have, what, 7 ports?

Sad but true: buyers/users of wired arcade sticks and the like are a niche market.

SNES had 4?

The one I have doesn’t. Unless they came out with another issue that had 4 ports.

It had 2 ports, you had to buy an adapter hub to make it 4 player for the wrestling games.

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Fuck no they don’t you gots to buy a multi tap either that or op has a special edition japan exclusive.

Only the older PS3 have 4 ports. The wii has 4 gc ports since there pads are wireless only. It does’nt seem necessary nowadays to have 4 ports since most pads are wireless.

They didn’t. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I typed that. I was thinking Gamecube probably.

SNES came with 4 ports?
I thought you had to buy that multiplayer thing.

Fuckin’ sucked cause we got that game for Loony Tunes Basketball or whatever. Shit was fun with 4 people!
Then we got Bomberman, shit was also fun.
Then we found out… THAT’S ALL IT WORKS FOR!!

Got us NBA Jam, shit was only 2 players?
We were so sad…

Ah, I have an Xbox 360 so I’m just mad over Microsoft’s constant bullshit.

Why are you mad do you only have 4 wired controllers? 4 Wireless controllers can still be hooked up to an xbox. Yet I agree as you have to make those damned accounts and then get level 5 security clearance for each player.

I’m just a noob is all.

yeah the accounts thing is dumb on modern consoles. If we aren’t trying to play online it should not matter.

And for hte complaining about 4-players how do you think the TI-82 players felt, system links only worked on two calcs at a time, there was no multi-tap (at least in my day) for 4 player tetris…

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Multitap was only used for 3 games on the SNES.

  • Super Bomberman
  • Saturday Night Slam Masters
  • Street Racer
  • Secret of Mana

At least thats all I used it for.

Very noob apparently. This is such a strange thread.

On that note, is there a PS3 game that uses 7 controllers?

I sort of like using wired controllers for certain things because I’m too lazy to replace batteries and/or keep them in stock. I’m mainly talking about rockband and playing with 4 people. Also, I own an xbox. My solution is to get a heat sinker that has 2 ports coming out of it. Then I can keep my xbox cooler (sort of) while adding an additional port to make 4 total.

Have yall heard of a USB hub?

Nah, it was 4 Players. Instead of giving you the “Head-to-Head” or “Team Game” option, if you got a multi-tap hooked up, It’ll just say “Start Game” and everyone presses start on the controller to join.

I remember playing it with some friends who had a multi-tap with them.

I think the most fun I ever had with a multi-tap was playing WWF In Your House on the PSX. Shit was chaotic.

This topic confuses me, I don’t get it.

My question is will the next gen have ports. That answer can stunt or expand the growth of our community.