4 Controller Ports

Back in the day I thought you can keep connecting multi-taps with multi-taps on the PSX so you have as many people playing as you can.

What a dumbass I was.

Xbox 360 has 3 USB ports. But yeh that’s why they created wireless pads

Xbox and Gamecube both had 4 slots…

PSX and PS2 had multitaps…

Any game that I need a controller port is a two player game… e.g. fighting games.

I wonder if SFxT will have local 2v2?

When I started the topic I specifically meant 4 controller ports that came stock. Not multitaps or anything like that.

All these years… I’VE BEEN LIED TO!!!

You’ll never understand!

Sega Saturn- Sega Bomberman & Fire Pro 6 Man Scramble was too awesome for party games!

/ \


^ Four ports.

EDIT - Fuck you post editor.

Clearly you never played Gauntlet.

Silly consoles and their controller limitations.

If you would have tried that on a PC, it would have probably worked.

127 device limit per USB hub… with lots of daisy chaining you could’ve had a lot of controllers going. Hmmm, I wonder how many devices you can hook up to the MS wireless receivers. If I had money to throw away that would be a fun experiment.

Yeah but a game has to support that many concurrent players on one node.

EDIT - I’m aware that’s not the point of the experiment.

X-Box 360 :smiley:

Wired controllers for modern game systems connect by USB. Which the 360 slim has 5 USB 2.0 ports.

What? You can play video games on a PC? That’s news to me! :rofl:

You think they would be bigger so that people could easily see them. Or at least have something surrounding them. Then again ports were always obvious on the systems I had as a kid so I don’t know.

I bought an adaptor for SNES bomberman multiplayer and the adaptor only allowed a total of 3 players. total scam

but yeah PS3 has 7, OP’s nubery is disgusting