3s Strategy Journal

I have one of those gay Live Journal things, but instead of telling the world I had pancakes for brekafast, I talk about 3s strategy! Every now and then I have a thought or two, and write them down. I mostly just talk about Ken because Ken is cool, but maybe I’ll talk about other characters too! (Ryu is cool).

Here’s the url:

If you have any comments or just feel like flaming me for no apparently reason, or feel like ruining any chance of a strategy discusion by debating whether Pyrolee does or does not play on console, do it in this thread and don’t polute my neat 3s Journal with stupid comments! Thanks!

Ken’s a bitch

Hot shit mopreme. Thanks!

Truer words may never have been spoken. Very cool Mopes.

Ehy this live journal thing comes in the right moment for me, i’ll play mostly Ken and i have hard times vs Yun [vs makoto, yang and chun too], so Thanks for all this good strats Mopreme!
I would like to see some of your Ryu’s vids, your apparition in that dudryu battle from KSK blog was too short

Pyro does not play on console. End of debate.

:bgrin: :cool:
don’t hope to beat me only with this, mopremes gives great advices but I’m reading it too so I will take counter-measures

:lovin: :lovin:

Gill? :bgrin: :cool:

Sean is enough for you

My twelve >> you. :tup:

so I take that we’re having a twelve vs Sean money match
:tup: :party: :party:


Now stop spamming, it was a nice thread before your troll-invasion. :lame:

very good shit mopes. i hope to see more matchup analysis and general strategy in the future.

whatever happened to ryu is strong :sad:

you really hate yun huh?
ricky said, if you know he’s gonna jump, than just dp.
I used to like to wiff low forward a lot and cancel to dp if they jumped.

Ricky O enlightened me :clap:

watson vs mester was hot, he just stood there, pimp!

by the way, i totally disagree with mopreme’s dictation that fierce upper is always better. and i can prove it mathematically using game theory.

basically, mopreme tries to simplify the equation too much, by saying 1 beats 2,3,4 … but in reality… your appropriate counter measure should take into account your opponent’s probable move, and your expected return based on each available counter.

of course, making this calculation on the fly is what separates great players from bad players.

I think every great 3s player has written their own journal, faq, strategies… sharing is caring?

then start spitting that shit vic :wink:

in any case: great stuff, I kinda already knew about Yun not being able to do shit without meter, because it’s logic, but great examples, gotta love it

Fierce Dragon Punch sets the dude on fire!

Case closed!

let’s just all agree that C-Royd is better than Mopreme because he beat both Mopreme and Hsien in a team tournament. Not a real tournament, but a team tournament.