3S: Ken Questions

so anyways, if anyone has any questions with ken, i’ll try to answer them … and stuff. ya, ok.

Outside of anti-airing scrubs with Shinryuuken, is there ever a reason to pick SA1 or 2, as oppose to the juggernaut that is SA3?


what’s the deal with the air hurricane and then following up with a dragon punch. where do you have to hit em’? does it have ta’ be an ex hurricane. oh, and what about the jap dragon, jap dragon juggle. is this a corner only juggle? does it have ta’ be anty-air? or can you juggle 'em from da groun? ummm…whut else? does that sitting strong “magic” junk work on the DC verzun? where you have a day and forever for hit detection? or is Ken “raped” (i.e. given some semblence of balance) like Chun and Urine on DC? oh, why is blue ken better than green Ken? good job in the Super Body Odor qualifier Pee Lee. Ken’s da man. asides from Chun. i have some other questions for you Pauly. if it’s okay, i’ll hit you up on AOL if you are ever ‘round. at any rate good to see you back in LA i’ll have to journey my way to UCLKen to get my ace handed to me n’ learn some stuff. late

P.S. Thongboy you are a sellout. betcha you are even wearing seasonal ties now. hmmph… Thonkboy=secret top tier whore. he, he. 5000

P.S.S. Thongboy still hurt ‘bout the time when P. Lee gave us a sound butt kickin’ with Q. Ah, that’s why you have been practicin’ top tier. hmmm…it all makes sense now. all in the name of revenge. 5000 and 2.

Ken’s EX Hurricane acts like Akuma’s air hurricane, so you’d juggle them the same, really. I’ve never seen anyone juggle off a normal hurricane, so I’m going to venture and say it ain’t happening (I’ll test it when I get home).

Jab (jap) uppercuts combo outside of the corner only when you kara-uppercut. I do it with mk. Works generally on the ground, but it’s a pain in the ass to do. MUCH easier anti-air, as you really just need to be deep.

I think links are generally funky on DC, so speed your reactions up to accomodate.

Green Ken looks like the Bishop Don the Magic Juan. He pwnz.

I am win at Super Body Odor.

Say something if you guys are showing up at UCLA. I’ll knock over a liquor store for some quarters, and give ye whut fir.

PS. Shh! I’m saving that ish for the finals. “What the fuck, where did that jump-cancelled Genei Jin come from?! THAT’S NOT AN AEGIS REFLECTOR!”

PSS: Never happened.


*Originally posted by Cal *
**Allright got some questions for you guys, appreciate any help

  1. Anybody ever juggle with 3 DPs? I mean, is this possible even or should I keep trying? I tried a number of times with 3 lp DPs and with 2 lp DPs and an EX DP and its not connecting even though it looks like it should. Maybe I have to be right up against a wall on the second DP so the guy bounces off it or something?

  2. In the TOSF teaser(i think thats where i saw it) there was a ken that connected a few hits of sa3 off a DP in the corner, i think. Anyone know what I’m talking about could tell me about that?

  3. j.mk - s.mp - s.hp - fireball - sa3
    j.mk - s.mp - s.hp - sa3
    I see some paople sayng the fireball version does more, or that the fireballess version does more, or they are even dmg wise.
    Well which one is it? could I get exact damage of both combos, too?

  4. About linking UOH/EX hurricane/back+mk into sa3. I’m interested in how big of a window there is for each of those three to be pulled off, like is there more time available after the EX hurricane or what? Anyone with framedata would be great.

  5. Any tips on a Urien match? There’s this cocksucker at the place I play and he does all that chariot to EX chariot to another …and man does it keep going and going. Obviousy he uses aegis, too. Hate that guy. Any ken tips for playing a very good urien?

Thanks, will add some more questions later **

What does UOH stand for?

One time I did j.fp,s.fpxx J.dp into EX Flaming DP. Can’t remember how to time it though. try it.

Niles got to a lot of it, so I’ll just quote him:


little note for newbie kens:
one thing i’ve noticed most scrub ken’s do that they shouldn’t, they roundhouse like crazy next too close to their opponents, and they use uppercuts for anti air, or by extension, try to use fireball traps hyper-fightin style.

if you do any of those, you need to rethink your gameplan.

Cross up combos versus Urien:

cross up J.fk, s. str, s. fp. into:


Str. Dp into SAII

Is it possible to J.fp, s.fp . jsrk, kara srkXX Shin-ryu-Ken?

SA1 does quite a bit of dmg, but doesn’t combo off of short jab short and basically is just a pain to charge. It’s a worse version of SAIII becuse it doesn’t have the vacuum effect, but with better dmg and longer bar (worse)

SAII is still one of my favorite supers to use. It’s flashy and powerful, it’s just not a constant threat like SAIII. This super is good for countering players with happy feet. Most players can’t parry SAII in the air so use that if you have to.
Also, use SAII to juggle after a jab upper in the corner for happy fun :slight_smile:

really, why would you do short, jab, short xx super when you can just short short xx super? I’ve always wondered about that. Is it the extra hit recognition time, easier to execute, what damnit!?!? DAMN IT!?!?!?

btw: ken’s a scrub

Actually I’ve been able to juggle an uppercut after the regular air hurricane kick, but I think it only can happen if the hurricane only hits once.

hey, is ex hurricane, double lp srk possible? i don’t play ken much, and ppl should never have to expose themselves to my ken…brain cancer might be induced and i’m not responsible for that…=D

Ok, after fairly boring testing, we (The employees and subsidiaries of Thongbwai Inc) have determined:

It IS possible to juggle off of a normal air hurricane, and YES, it must be one hit, no more. Now, it’s much less handy than it sounds. First, you must be in the corner. Second, you can’t do much afterward. It’s like the normal reset rules kick in, you get this invisible buffer between the opponent and your attacks. So! What can you do?

another hurricane (only 1 hit… hits, though)
jab srk (lucky juggle chars only, like Q)
EX srk (pushes through the buffer JUST barely)
fireball / EX fireball xx SA (yay)

And yes, you may do 2 srks after an EX hurricane juggle.

UOH means Universal OverHead. You know, when you press strong(mp)+mk at the same time.


Humm can you do a regular move after the single hit hurricane kick?? Like s.rh or like F.mk?.. Humm I gotta try the double uppercut after the regular hurricane.

short jab short gives you more time to recognize that the super hits, and is generally easier to do with no sacrifice in damage.

for example yesterday i nailed a crossup, started my short jab short, realized i messed up the super motion, and had enough time to do another super off of the last short. (i usually start around the jab button press)

with short short, you hit or miss, with a tighter time on recognition.

short short should be used on thin characters such as chun, yun/yang, urien, Q after X-up.

to recap, i think of sjs as MK style dial-a-combo, and ss like alpha3 style combo.

double uppercuts after regular hurricane? that sounds too good though…try it out…i’ll try to like, do double srk first…

Never say sjs is like MK again Paul…

Is their anyway to garantee a 1 hit air hurricane everytime?

Also , can you do Air hurricane(1hit) , j.SRKx2 xx Shin-ryu-ken?

Haven’t checked, but I’m extemely skeptical if you can juggle srk x2 after an air hurricane…since the juggle ends at srk x2 if you do it as anti-air, the jab srk must be considered a launcher by the game, and hitting with a launcher when the opponent is being juggled = end of combo, unless you do a super reset.

lol… MK is ghetto scrubby and you know it! LOL

After an air hurricane, your juggling is EXTREMELY limited. Best case scenario, you may do an air hurricane, walk up a little, and do one jab srk. You can’t connect anything after that, it’s bedtime for bonzo. No second srk, no supercanceling. I’m going to go ahead and say (too tired to test individually) that you can walk up after the air-hurricane and SA2 directly, but that’s the best you’re getting. Even then, it has to be under optimum conditions (hit at the top of the jump, enough time to walk forward, etcetera).

Peculiar tidbit: After a 1-hit hurricane on Chun Li, you can end the juggle with low forward(mk) or roundhouse. Kooky.