3S: Ken Questions

Allright got some questions for you guys, appreciate any help

  1. Anybody ever juggle with 3 DPs? I mean, is this possible even or should I keep trying? I tried a number of times with 3 lp DPs and with 2 lp DPs and an EX DP and its not connecting even though it looks like it should. Maybe I have to be right up against a wall on the second DP so the guy bounces off it or something?

  2. In the TOSF teaser(i think thats where i saw it) there was a ken that connected a few hits of sa3 off a DP in the corner, i think. Anyone know what I’m talking about could tell me about that?

  3. j.mk - s.mp - s.hp - fireball - sa3
    j.mk - s.mp - s.hp - sa3
    I see some paople sayng the fireball version does more, or that the fireballess version does more, or they are even dmg wise.
    Well which one is it? could I get exact damage of both combos, too?

  4. About linking UOH/EX hurricane/back+mk into sa3. I’m interested in how big of a window there is for each of those three to be pulled off, like is there more time available after the EX hurricane or what? Anyone with framedata would be great.

  5. Any tips on a Urien match? There’s this cocksucker at the place I play and he does all that chariot to EX chariot to another …and man does it keep going and going. Obviousy he uses aegis, too. Hate that guy. Any ken tips for playing a very good urien?

Thanks, will add some more questions later

  1. No, I’m almost sure you cannot do 3 dp’es in a row beacuse Capcom didn’t make Ken like that.

  2. Yes, in the corner, you can do jab dp, then SAIII and it will hit like twice but not connect the last knee which leads to air kicks…waste of meter. You can also back throw them into the corner, then do SAIII. Once again, waste of meter.

  3. j. fierce, s. strong, s. fiere xx fierce FB xx SAIII does the EXACT same damage as j. fierce, s. strong, s. fierce xx SAIII. Goto my site http://worstlookingsiteever.tripod.com for info on the damage.

  4. UOH, SAIII needs to be done from far away so the UOH hits on the way down (that’s the best way I can explain it). Basically, if you have a DC, keep moving back, and doing UOH, SAIII until it combos (it should be 10 hits I believe, I’m not positive, instead of 9). Then, when you figure out that distance, figure out poking strings that get you to that distance so you can apply this in real matches. For example, if 3 c. shorts set you up at the perfect distance, then you know in a match that you can do meaty c. shorts x 3, UOH, SAIII and it will work. For cross up forward, lets say it takes 4 c. shorts to set up the distance…etc. This is what I do. As for b+forward, yes I’ve done it. Once again, use the same technique as mentioned previously. Its a pretty tight window. EX Hurricane, SAIII is a COMPLETE waste of meter. Because the EX Hurricane hits so many times and is ALSO an EX, the damage reduction on the following SAIII is enormous, it will probably do like almost nothing. If you add a jumpin and a s. fierce before the EX Hurricane, the SAIII will certainly do no damage…maybe like 5 points. :lol:

  5. Against Urien, I don’t know what to say. Saying how to play against a character is hard cause each player has a different style. All I can say is that if he keeps doing EX Rush, block, then super him.

EDIT: Those Ken combos do 68 damage each. That’s not percentage, thats 68/162. I’m not sure about the 160, maybe someone should clarify. Also, I understand now what you meant about the Urien player. You mean he juggles you with anti-air strong sphere, then rh tackle, EX tackle, rh tackle, s. fierce or another forward tackle, right? Well, #1 rule is don’t jump on Urien with meter, because the risk is definetly NOT worth it. Dash at him, and crossup him up with j. forward. Poke him to death since your pokes are far better up close.

Hey thanks for the tips, checked out your site already from that combos thread.

Does that connect after 2 Dps in the corner? Dont have a DC to try it out myself regretfully

Yeah that’s the urien stuff im talking about. Its so annoying becasue once he connects that whole thing, throws out an aegis as im getting up in the corner chips a bit and throws me at the last point and theres NOTHING I cAN DO ABOUT THAT. I gotta get my tech skills up…

Yeah but the sa3 hits 9 times, so shouldnt the lowest possible damage for it be 9?

No I’m almost positive that you cannot do 2 dp’es in the corner, then a SAIII. As for Urien, just don’t jump. As for the chipping then throwing, that is a shitty strategy. I would much rather try to UOH or >+fierce to break your defense, and setup a corner juggle which would build hella meter and set you up AGAIN with ANOTHER Aegis. If you are not teching the throw, then just DP him. But it is much less risky to tech throw. It’s not that hard. As for the damage on the super, I’m not sure how DAMAGE SCALING works in 3S. But wasting a WHOLE super for even 9 points is a BIG waste. Okay, wait I recall someone talking about the specific PERCENTAGE DEDUCTION going on when you do moves before supers. All I know is that EX moves cause a HUGE damage scaling, as well as moves that hit multiple times. The EX Hurricane has both these properties. The one thing I DO like about EX Hurricane, SAIII (I can’t do this yet) is that it looks flashy as hell and shows skill.

Yeah but isn’t flashyness the point of the game? You can’t tell me you’ve never finished a match by taunting the last bit of life with ken or dudley or shawn and enjoyed it.

That reminds me, I dizzied a comp remy once and came up and taunted him in the face. The first hit connected, but the he parried the second one!

One more question. I remember reading about Ken’s OTGs a while back(like ryu’s Dudley SAII OTG), what are they again and which characters do they work on?

Flashiness is good an all, but there are limits. Anyway, it works against Dudley in the corner. Ken can forward throw, then SAI or SAII. Ryu can do same with SAII. Akuma can do same with SAII and SAIII (not sure about this one). Sean can do SAII. There are others, but I’m not gonna list em all.

I disagree with that. I think flashyness is an important part of the game because it messes with your mind to an extent. I’ve seen a lot of people lose becuase they were too nervous to play as they really could, and this is accomplished partly though wasteful/showy moves like that corner DP into SAIII or the EX hurricane into SAIII. Doesn’t work on everybody I know but I think it helps sometimes.

What does kara’d jab SRK mean? How do you connect that?

You cancel the startup movement forward of his s.rh or c. rh into a jab SRK. Or something like that. I can’t do this…yet. Its like kara-throw but with Uppercut.

The way SlimX taught me how to perform Ken’s kara Shoryuken was to do SRK motion and when you’re in the “down” part of the motion, press MK and finish off with “toward” + LP.

So it goes as follows:

toward, down + MK, toward + LP

I can’t explain the motion but I can do it quite effectively. I suppose what Cal said is close to how I do it, except it feels to me like I push down+MK then as soon as the frame starts I do a quick dp. Sweaty palms on a controller will thoroughly mess you up though.

lol,To player asking for help???One day ya should all come to montreal,id be glad to see what To can do,i heard lots of good stuff on TO.

First,i saw the video your talking about,but i dont think this is a worthy technique,and i also think you can do it everywhere in the screen,not only corner.But to me this combo is a waste of a bar,I,d only use it if my opponents health bar is low.

For the 2 combo you wrote earlier I’d choose the first one,why because crossing you opponent is a lot harder in 3rd stike,because if the opponent presses one direction,he blocks,the other direction he parries.But a mp to hp to lp srk is pretty good after a dash IMO.

One thing you realise when you watch the japs play,when their ken and their opponent jumps,they jump and do a EX hurricane kick and when theyre opponent lands they do a lp srk,it does so much damage.

A tip against Urien???You shouldnt have problem is you parry well, lp srk kicks the ass of his chariot tackle,you should learn to parry his knee drop tought,use the vaccum effect of SA3 to kill urien when hes dashing. Cause uriens dash and grab uses are good,urien players dash and grab a lot,so when your opponent dashes do a SA3.

One thing japs uses too,beside using ken’s crouching mk,use is c.mp,its as fast as chun-li’s c.mk. Thats a good technique with ken,so c.mp then sa3.

Man I’m still confused. So there’s two DPs linking if you do that? Like you can do sometimes if you DP someone who is really in your face you can lp/mp DP them again if youre fast enough?(like Elena if you parry her flying kick move?)

Heh, I’m not that good, like I’m still trying to make that jmk smp shp fireball SAIII combo to work 100% of the time instead of maybe 50%.

LoL dont have the skill/reflexes to pull that off based on whether the guy blocks/parries or not. Working on it though.

About this combo:

jump in HP -> crouching MK -> LP Shoryuken -> kara LP Shoryuken

It’s not really 2 SRKs linking. It’s a juggle. So yes, it’s like what you said when you can do another SRK if you’re “fast” enough. The thing with the kara Shoryuken is that you can do it on pretty much any character regardless of your position on the screen. Normally, a 2 Shoryuken juggle is only possible in the corner (with the exception of Elena, Q and sometimes, Chun-Li).

I’m gonna try to explain how to do this as best I can :D.

Since the Shoryuken motion is towards, down, towards + any punch, and the kara starter for Ken’s Shoryuken is either crouching MK or crouching HK, this is probably the most effective way of doing the move:

towards, down + MK, towards + LP

Keep in mind that when doing this command you should input it just like you would a normal Shoryuken command (only that there’s a down + MK in it). The reason you can put down plus MK in it and then immediately go into towards + LP without having to worry about a negative edge resulting from down + MK going into a towards position is that Ken has no QCF + K command in this game.

Case in point, if you were to kara Ken’s Shoryuken from say, down + MP (which isn’t the case, but it’s for argument’s sake), there would be a chance that you’d perform a Hadouken because of the negative edge (down + MP into towards + LP).

Sorry i’m still not too confident about what you wrote. youre saying this combo only works in a corner?

the point that he’s trying to make is that if you don’t kara cancel the second srk, it won’t hit unless you’re in the corner. in the corner, a second srk doesn’t need to be kara cancelled in order to hit simply because the distance between ken and whoever just got whaled on is lessened because of the screen having nowhere left to go.

Midscreen, however, you need to make up the distance between ken and his beat buddy in order to land the second hit, hence the kara-cancel.

btw, do you know what kara cancelling means?

Ken’s low strong is the worst possible thing that can happen to Urien. He cannot dash anywhere near you if you keep your distancing just outside his poking range and throw out low strongs. Massive priority, and you have plenty of time to see if it hits and THEN SA3, just like Chun Li’s low forward. Obviously, don’t just mash it. Have some class.

If you can’t parry an anti-air fireball, then you either need to learn it quickly or stop playing entirely. It’s that simple. Urien will abuse you if you do not learn this.

If he’s throwing you out of blockstun, then your machine is broken. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that you have a full second after the mirror’s gone to either throw him or beat his face in before he’s even allowed to throw. Wake up and start playing smart.

Addendum: just start hitting mk when you get to the down part of your srk motion. It’s really that simple. You can do it every time if you really want to. Roll your fingers from mk to lp.


i have had some good luck with jumping in deep with a lk spinkick then c. lk xx spinkick … or if in corner u can jump in with the spinkick then dp and sa3 same ol bs … just what has made this work for me is even when parryin the deep spin kick the low kick catches 3/4 the time cause ken is fast like a f##kin hawk :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, um, so, like…Ken pwnz and stuff. Anyone NOT know how to play Ken? Really?


i like ken. woot.