3s Kaillera Tiers

This is an incomplete list and please add to it.

Best Possible Ping:
Basically same as arcade.

regular Ping:
Top tier is Yang Alex(Alot easier for him to jump-in get mixups going)Yun and Chun
Ken goes to mid tier because its alot harder to hit confirm of c.mp/s.mp/c.mk(nearly impossible).

bad ping:
Top tier is akuma, alex, and denjin Ryu(try parrying denjin setup with 3-4 second delay)

Horrible Ping:
Twelve gets moved up to mid-high tier for total randomness

Also note that since no matter what theres a minimal 2 frame delay all characters who use Kara’s alot are toned down a bit.

I dont know if its my keyboard or not but I cannot do kara’s at all online.


If you got some decent delay. Like say, approximately 0.55 second on good connection, play me, it’d be a fairer game.

tiers are the same online noob play on LAN and shit is like a .002 second delay. but yeah i gotta admit alex does own online/

Anyone ever think that there are decent Alex players.

I personally don’t see how lag could make Alex any better, I’d assume that other characters would benefit from it just as much, if not more.

Tick grabs are a bit more prevalent though.

^ he can jump all over the place and it hard to stop

it goes both ways. if u jump around too much someone can scrub srk u with a bad connection and its not parryable

but i play ppl with good connections all the time and it feels just like as if i were playing offline, seriously.

so if anything is THAT bad, i suggest you play someone in your region with the approrpiate server for it, on LAN.

Its really hard to react to his stomp setups and ex-elbow dashes so he can throw them out randomly and it will hit.Since theres delay his air fierce beats out everything since its so hard to AA in time and he can mix up powerbomb or mk xx chop.Also even though jump-ins are easier in lag Alex has really goods AA he can switch up to keep you on the ground.

Oh yeah Theres only 1 person(East Coast) that plays alex(that I’ve seen in week and a half) besides me.He picks the short version.

There ARE good Alex players out there.

WTF. Seriously.

yea ever since i started playin 3s online i realized its easy to get off yangs EX slashes and for crossups so i think its safe to say yang is top tier on regular ping since all others need there supers and hit confirms which is difficult to do online…ex- genei jin combos…(feels like i need to push the keyboard button in when i try to do hop kicks during genei jin lol)

I guess you didn’t get my sarcasm?

I think Elena improved most if playing with delay.



just because it’s online and 99% of the players are scrubs does not change tiers

i hear the secret character Ralph is top tier

Tiers can definitely change online, and I don’t see how they wouldn’t change for Third Strike.

I think Hugo is pretty high tier online, for some of the same reasons Zangief is top tier online in SFA3. I’m sure many people just mash 360’s and Gigas in the middle of people’s combos/chains in case they mistime just slightly (and since it’s online, the probability of mistiming is much higher).

I can’t do certain things like cr.mp hit confirm with ken but it’s still not tier changing. Yang has an exception with his fucking ticks and ex slash range (if used right), but for everyone else I haven’t noticed a big difference. Once you get use to the delay and think ahead, these teir changing differences aren’t too big.

Oh yeah, try to counter confirm Urien’s dash throw with delay.

If you know how to play against Hugo, you know to respect his range. He is no better than he is offline.

Tiers do change online, sometimes they change drastically.

You could even take a game like HF with doesnt have that much lag for the most part (xbl mind you). But the tiering is still effected.

You can say that the players differ in skill online than offline and that lag does effect game play. BUT you can’t say that on a good server. The lag is so minute i can hit confirm c.mk with ken still as well as do kara palms etc.

Saying that lag dictates tiers because people scrub out is ignorant. The tiers “change” because 90% of the people have no idea how to play correctly. They also do not use 1/2 the game’s cast. The only people who play chars other than like alex/chun/yun/ken/ryu/akuma are players who play offline as well and are actually somewhat dedicated to the game. Thus making your “tiering system” flawed due to skill level of players in general online combined with other factors.

People who understand the game may experience some small things online like a missed block which could lead to a super or could lead to things like EX mantis slashes that makes characters a little better. But it does not change character matchup ratios or how to play a matchup for characters just because of the situation people are forced into with lag on shitty servers.

Alex/Hugo can scrub out more because of throws online and lag… but offline hugos can do the same shit. Timing stuff online isnt that drastic a change if you play people under 20 ms and use lan connection setting. Saying that because hugo has a milisecond more to input a 360 or 720 makes him higher is just stupid… if YOU fuck up the combo thats ur own damn fault and has nothing to do with tier.

to sum what i just wrote up

with a good connection you should be able to c.mp > shippu no problem

Zangief is mainly a “splash demon”. I wouldn’t call it lag abuse, but constant jumping and overheads until you’re close enough to take advantage of block delay for a 360 move. It’s actually really annoying, especially if you’re using a shoto, since most of their moves will leave them perfectly ready to get power bombed