3s is better than sf4 period

I coudl list a number of reasons. But for starters it’s way more fun. 3s relies on a person to be unpredictable and sniff out what areas a person is in.

Parry is the greatest equalizer, the greatest rewards for the greatest risks.

Parrying forces people from the same stupid stuff everytime and allows for the greatest comebacks ever.

sf4 is dull. Same attack strains, priority pokes.

sf2 characters are boring as hell.


3s characters have a certain style of play that’s really pleasing to both watch and perform.

oh and playing sf4 WILL make you suck at 3s.

yea 3s >> sf4, but, sf4 only ~=< ng, so give them another couple of go’s.

Sorry, 3s is garbage.

I love how in 3s you really have to mix things up unless you want to get destroyed by parries. I found myself beating most people with the same tactics online in SIV. I know its not how pros play SFIV, but even with noob 3s players you can’t just do the same shit over and over because even they can pick up on your strategy. Unlike in SFIV where if someone keeps doing the nooby combo Hk --> C.hk then my options are to block or AA, and maybe Focus attack, but its much riskier. If someone keeps jumping in at me with obvious shit in 3s I just parry, and start Ibuki’s air chain, which is also insanely fun.

I also love how it eliminated fireball spamming and waiting for the guy to jump at you at an unsafe distance. I mean in super turbo it has its place, and its part of the games strategy, but I’m glad 3s changed the dynamics of the gameplay.Obviously, 3s isn’t very popular because people wanted to stick to what they know like fireball traps and the original cast, but I sometimes feel 3s wasn’t given the attention it deserves as much as ST has.

I won’t be playing SFIV unless they speed up the game or add a character that isn’t completely boring. My opinion of course. I however don’t really give a shit about what people play, though. Just play what you want…

Then why are you in this forum? :rolleyes:

parry - trow - ball on face - dash in - short short super hypaa tornaaaaaaaaaaaay shoe:lovin:

Yea exactly

If someone can give reasons as to why sf4 is “better” then maybe there can be a comparison but as of right now there is NO comparison…you will never EVER get another moment like at Evo 2k4…you will never see another kuroda, boss, or KO like player for sf4…you will never EVER see sf4 have the biggest upsets you can ever imagine compared to 3s…so let me change that…“Sorry, sf4 is garbage”

Nice trolling work there.

all good reasons <3


i see a lot of people getting really tired of sf4 lately in my area. i dont play the damn game, so i wouldnt know why. but yeah, 3s :tup:
also people complain that 3s is “old” then those same people turn around and play st or brakers revenge. go figure.

A good game is a good game. I enjoy Breakers more than 4. Man, I would rather play KI1 instead.

lol, well in that case i’d rather play ki2 :rock:

Both are awesome, I’d even rather play MK II than SF4.

SF4 just doesn’t make sense. I understand why it’s being played, but it’s not worth the praise. 3S always made things your fault and moves hit where they look like they do so getting better is easier since you know why you got hit by something. SF4 has like huge invisible hitboxes on moves that deny Oki and cross-ups without effort. How is this good? You get punished for trying to cross someone up that can kick you out of it with a move that doesn’t even look like it should hit (ahem dictator s.RH, lookin’ at you)?

man more the reason why i just dont like sf4

i just played it today against a balrog player…and my GOD…i couldnt get in at all on wake up cuz the player would just mash lp and it would actually stop me from doing any moves except for SRK which is dumb to do…and i go back to 3s to find the same juicy parry goodness that stops bullshit like that from ever happening…i felt refreshed being able to parry low again

Jabbing in SF4 is broken.

Oh, so if I have the opposite opinion of the OP it’s trolling?


Nothing in the terms and conditions of this forum requires one to love 3s to post here.

If you’ve seen him play 3S it makes it funnier. :rofl:

But if you don’t like 3s then why the fuck would you bother checking the 3s forums? :confused: