3s in NYC

As a younger member of the FGC I have only ever played 3s online at an intermediate level due to being in a more remote area for the past couple of years, but after moving to long island for college im excited that I will finally be near an actual competitive area. My problem is that I seem to have trouble finding info on where people play 3s in the city. I know about Next Level but I haven’t been able to find any posts of people playing 3s there. Can anyone help on info on where the few 3s players meet up?

Nica lives up there somewhere, so you could see if you can play with him and the scrubs he stomps.

Did you have to buy a pass or something? I’m trying to get into the FGC as well, and it would help if you could give me a reference, bro :slight_smile:

Check out Next Level.

Are there people there playing 3s on the reg? I’ve wanted to go but I wasn’t sure people played regularly and I haven’t played any other fightan games other than 3s for awhile.

I know there’s a Danisen going on organized by Nica. Here’s the thread: NYC 3rd Strike

I don’t know when the next one is happening though. I would’ve gone and would love to go but life has been unbelievably shitty for me the last few months and that has nuked any chances of going down to Brooklyn any time soon.

Also; take what that Duck person say’s with a grain of salt because he’s a Like-whore. He will do anything for likes. Anything.

What part of LI do you live in? If you want I’m going to Next Level tomorrow for practice, but another place to play would be The Arena (983 Little East Neck Rd West Babylon, NY) but ppl normally play their on Thurs but more marvel than anything but some ppl there play 3s so im sure they’ll play

but if you’re looking to get stronger then we can play online or something since we both live on LI, the connection should be pretty good

Thanks I would really appreciate that, and it would help a lot since my mains are the twins and I have been watching your yang videos lately. I live In hempstead and my gamertag is Kranjoos. Im going to try to go to Next Level next friday or saturday so Ill be trying to get a lot of online practice in this week.

ah i see, send me a msg then and we’ll figure somethin out and try to get you into the flow of things here

has the arena been shut down?

3s at Next Level Arcade saturday around 5pm if anyones interested

I live on the upper west side if you wanna get games in. I have 3SOE for xbox but I only have one stick. I have a PS3 stick too, however.

I’ll also play online too, if you wanna get games in. Just message me on here or something.

GGs Opeo and Hard Bread…hopefully more 3s players will be around next time :slight_smile:

Ryu24 is that the 25th or 26th that ppl are going to NL? you should come :slight_smile:

Me and Opeo planned to meet up in Mid june to pick up girls. I’m goin to be learning his secrets.

It’s the 26th I was asking Nica about for a NL meet up. Hope you can make it djdw and anyone else who is close and likes the game.

i will fa sho me n opeo riding together. do u play on ggpo at all? if so whats ur name on there? around what time will you be there?

Looks like Ill be at NL around 4 or 5 on that Sunday but they close at 9 and time flies when you’re having fun so earlier the better for me. I’ll post again once plans are firmed up.

ahh 9? that sucks…especially since its a 3 day weekend for work/school…maybe saturday could come available…ill be there early trying to practice a bit :wink:

I’m coming in on a bus from Toronto and have to get my stuff dropped off that day but I’ll try to get there around 4.

cool! itll be a great day for 3s eh? no rain…im sure we’ll be waiting u wont be disappointed