3rd Strike vision

One of my friends pointed out something I was thinking about recently.
He stopped looking at his own character and focused mostly on his opponents’ , and noticed drastic improvements.

I’ve been playing all these years looking 50/50 but have thought about looking at my opponent’s character more.

How is your vision like?

It makes stuff easier to just look at your opponent when you know your positioning well and know what you’re going to do next imo. Helps a lot when it comes to whiff punishing.

50/50. i forget certain spacing shit if i only focus on my opponent. just me. use whatever helps

It depends.

It helps immensely to look at your opponent in certain situations when you are expecting a move, let’s use Ken as an example:

You’re right outside c.mk range, and both characters are just waiting for each other to do something. If you’re looking at your opponent’s pixels instead of yours, it will be easier for you to punish when they throw out a move that’ll extend their hitbox so your c.mkxxsuper or raw super will hit.

Or with ryu during any denjin setup, it is more beneficial to look at your opponent since your own character is static.

That’s not saying that you should always play like this though, since looking at your own character has it’s own benefits as well. Like right after ken sa3 knockdown you should be looking at yourself to position for an ambiguous setup since your opponent’s position is static. Same for akuma’s sa1, or any other super that causes a hard knockdown.

I’ve never had two chicks give me a lap dance at the same time. I’ll look at mine.

I notice the stuff Kuroda pulls off is impossible if he had the same vision as mine. He full parried an untelegraphed 3-hit-roll from Yamasaki at the most unexpected time. Stuff like that and the stuff other Japanese players do makes me wonder this.

Yeah… I’m pretty certain that focusing on your opponent should be your priority. I’ve noticed my game changes when I do that. I’ve a bad habit of returning to my own character but my thinking goes like this: I’m confident in my orientation. I just need to hone in on their buttons and react better.
Really tough when online’s all you got but when you make that transition offline everything slows down… AND THEN YOU GET BORED WHEN YOU REALIZE THAT YOU’RE BETTER THAN A LOT OF THE PEOPLE THAT COME OUT TO EVENTS REGULARLY… So then you go back into your little 3S online shelter and wait for the day the bombs drop…
I don’t land fukiage as often as I do without looking… That… And I guess a lot… But people don’t want to believe that Makoto has at least one valid wake-up option…


Also, knowing how each character works is important. I mean there is a reason kuroda is the best, and that is knowledge which gives him ridiculous situational awareness. He knows what to do all the time, and what the opponent will do most of the time.

you should be dividing your attention (shifting your vision) throughout each match. look at your character, their character, their life, your life, their gauge, your gauge, their stun, your stun, the ground, the air, etc etc. hell even glance at the background if it helps you gauge screen positioning.

It’s important to know when to look at or look for things and when you shouldn’t.

But as a general rule it’s more important to pay attention to the opponents movement than your own since you can control your own lol.

Ya Kuroda’s knowledge/watching is so obvious when he just spaces people the fuck out and waits for them to do one of the 3-4 moves he knows they can do/will want to try at a certain range.

Was watching Kuroda’s Ken recently. He had at least 3 responses at any given scenario.

If you dashed up to him, you’ll eat strong xx fierce xx super
If you throw any low forwards, you’ll eat low forward xx super
If you jump towards him, he’ll dash under you.

Damn Cyborg.

Everyone does that, that is so 2007

Show me

I don’t hit every low forward because I hate the late whiff. It really slows the pace to an embarrassing halt. The others yeah doe. Maybe.

Sorry for the bump but I thought I was the only person who thought stuff like this. I was asking my friends I play with what they look at because I look at my character a lot…heck I picked the damn guy because I think he, his moves and combos look cool xD

It helps to look at your opponent’s character when you’re trying to do something very fast

like reversal SAIII with Ken against your opponent’s c.mk with shoto or other

In general, I watch my opponent more than myself when I’m in serious competitive mode. maybe like 70/20/10

the 10 is focusing on his hands.

how do you see/hear his hands…

I said serious competitive mode. Not online.

And I never played 3s on Japanese cabs before.

watching hands is gay.

I once looked at JWongs hands with the glimpse of my eye when I was charging Denjin.

I saw him ready to reversal SRK so I threw it right in his face. :slight_smile: