3rd Strike vision

I’m pretty sure I watch my own character too much. I feel like it’s almost possible to react to the crouching animation to catch low forwards and such with a down parry. Then again I notice people get hit with overheads a lot more if I twitch duck -> overhead, so maybe it’s a wash.

It’s an OG ghetto tactic. Gotta use everything to save money at the arcades.

Doesn’t matter that much, but sometimes it helps.

Watching hands is a myth that would hinder you more than help you.

Think whatever you’d like, it’s worked for me before I know that for a fact.


I also know first hand that watching hands can work sometimes, but I’ve zero respect for it because it doesn’t work on head to head.

Whatever works where and when you’re playing. Third Strike does not specify that it must be played on a head to head, so if you have the advantage of being able to watch your opponent’s hands, do it. The same thing goes for your opponent, so it’s also fair.

This reminds me. My brother told me that James Chen used to play Denjin Ryu, and when he activate Denjin, he would charge for a bit and then raise his right hand dramatically. However he would be still holding LP with his left, so he would release it a moment later after the opponent’s initial parry buffer went away.

Ahahahahaha that’s genius. Real life mindgames.

I guess. But it’s not really about ‘fairness’ for me.

At one Shadowloo, Deshi and Tokido played side by side. Tokido drummed his unmapped buttons (console stick with 8 face buttons) and Deshi reacted with a super thinking he’d pressed a normal. That’s literally impossible on arcade, even on one of those crappy side by side cabs. When those kind of tactics fly, you’re not really playing the same game anymore.

I’ve always played fighting games with the mindset that we should be emulating the environment that these games are designed for (Japanese arcades). When you’re sitting on the end of a Blast City, there could be a dozen people yelling around you but you’re right up against the screen and the speakers are cranked up so loud that all you can hear is the game. It’s an environment designed to drown out everything else but the game. To me, the entire point of video games is that you only focus on what’s happening in the game (The images appearing on your screen and the sounds coming from your speakers), so the idea that anyone would try to play a video game by focusing on stimuli from outside the game just boggles my mind.

Although I don’t know if too many people would agree with me on that last paragraph. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care if I ever get beaten by an opponent who watches my hands, I’ll just accept that we’re playing on a flawed set-up.

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