3rd strike tier list

Does anyone have one? I know there is not much of a tier list but I just wanna know who are the best. I know its Chun Yun and ken but not in order right? And if 3rd strike was like mvc2, chun would be like cable and ken-sentienl and yun-mag right? Thanks in advance

plz don’t compare 3s to MVC2, kthx.

Ima post my tier list because I FEEL LIKE IT, bitches.

This is right btw…

#1 Chun-li
#2 Yun
#3 Ken
#4 Makoto
#5 Urien
#6 Dudley
#7 Oro
#8 Yang
#9 Akuma
#10 Ryu
#11 Ibuki
#12 Elena
#13 Necro
#14 Alex
#15 Remy
#16 Hugo
#17 Twelve
#18 Sean
#19 Q (18 and 19 are interchangeable because I think they both are pretty horrible characters)

So chun li is #1 when ken is used most and wins? I think ibuki is unerrated also. She has some of the best crossups and combos. And I think oro is overrated.

Well really, Chun wins most non FFA tourneys. (ECC, MWC, NCR3). Yun wins the rest of the big american tourneys. Ken doesn’t usually win all that much in the us, although it is notable that coop cup had 20+ Kens. 1-3 are all very close anyway.

chun is 2 yun is 1

Are you on crack? Chun is 1 and yun is 2 or 3

You Gotta Understand That 3s Is An Almost Balanced Game
So I Think Everyone Is Good

I Play Alex, I Know Hes Weak Against Chun Li BUT, That Doesnt Mean He Is A Tough Match

lol yun owns chun for free actually chun is probably 3 1.yun 2.ken 3.chun

edit.ryu is higher then akuma he doesn’t take damage like a pussy and have super low stun bar

This tier list is imo. Akuma has better matchups than Ryu and alot more options too. And also Yun doesn’t beat chun for free at ALL. It MAY be 5.5 4.5 in favor of Yun. Also Chun beats Ken fairly well, so I don’t see how he’s #2.

heres my personal top 10

this based on what i like though the top 5 are correct the only reason makoto isn’t higher is cause ken owns her for $0.00

Nah, face the facts. Chun ranks higher than Ken & Yun.

GJ is broken as hell, but Yun’s defense is pretty garbage. And no wakeup is pretty ass. Yun relies on GJ to get good damage in, and even though he builds bar fast, well, defense is still garbage. And if you can’t land GJ combos, well, GGPO Yun.

Ken has excellent high/low mixups, 4 billion hit confirms into SA3, good defense, and shock a dragon punch. :tup: Granted, it does take work to win /w him, but he has SO many options.

Chun is a whore. cr.jab stuffs almost any attempt to get in on her, cr.mkXXSA2 is retarded, hell, SA2 is retarded on its own, and that fp button should be taken away from anyone who uses her.

I’d say that Chun is #1, and Ken & Yun are pretty much interchangable for #2. Then throw whatever you want in between, (since the mid tier is pretty hazy) and put Sean at the bottom. Beside Q. That’s interchangable too.

Edit: Last time I checked, I thought Makoto owned Ken for free? Except his cr.mp.

Ken’s strengths are in his wake-up games. Makoto doesn’t really have anything against that.

3rd Strike Match-ups

You guys are kidding right? Ibuki HAS to be top 10. I even beat some yuns with her. But she is pretty weak against ken and chun, thats the only thing…

How about:

(in no order)


True Tech, wow you’re on fucking crack if you think Ryu, Yang, Necro, and Oro are better than Dudley. In all honesty wtf are you on.

My (top 5) tier list:

  1. Makoto
  2. Yun
  3. Yang
  4. Chun
  5. Ken

My top 5 (so far)
2.Chun Li

My Top 5

  1. FMJ
  2. Justin
  3. Pyro
  4. Japan
  5. Epsilon with dudley