3rd STRIKE: ParryCade 2 Edition

Looks like I’m streaming this one.

Let’s discuss dates. How does Saturday, 15th of August sound?

We’ll be on FC2. If you don’t have it, here:

This contains the guide, with FC2, the ROMs preloaded and optimal settings ready to go. Simply log in and play. Literally cannot get more convenient.

@Volt, @Flack0, @KingTubb, @MARTIAN, @PlusFrames, @Pair_of_Rooks, @Shahenzan, @Pertho, @GhenghisDong, @GetTheTables.


I think I have something planned on Saturday but can’t remember what it is… I’ll let you know.

Wait, is this a tourney or just some casual matches?

It’ll be a tourney

Depends on the time. I’d be free in the evening EST

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Sound good?


Lemme talk to the wife tonight and find out

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Sweet. Can’t wait to go 0-4 and learn nothing. I’ll be there. :sunglasses:

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Iirc, Shahenzan is only free during the morning.

As for me, as long as work doesn’t get in the way, I should be free to show how free I am. :rofl:

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I’m cool with morning games.

DC vs Stipe is in the evening and I‘m very invested in that fight


I don’t think it is. Check Dayaan’s guide above

Different clients, different ROMs.

Guys need to reply. @Volt your turn to ping my man.

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Just following orders.

Who’s in, who’s out, and what time should the tournament be run?

Saturday morning should be okay with me. My uncle is moving Sunday so I’ll have to see him quite a bit. Morning is pretty much the only time I’ll likely be free

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Ok sounds like morning time on Saturday. Everyone, try and be there!

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to get the correct roms for FC2???The FC1 roms don’t work!!!

EDIT: what about for ST???

They’re included in the guide linked above within the ZIP. Please read the topic description.

Bruh how did you totally skip the entire thread.


Tournament link is here! Sign up for Saturday. Let’s put it at 10am EST? Time is tentative, so we can move it forward or back.

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