3rd Strike - Is it ruined

yeah there are things in 3S I see as jsut wrong. Like character specific corner cross-ups I mean wtf. It makes no sense. Either everyone crosses everyone up in the corner or no one does. Same goes for ground cross-ups.

Yun’s divekick, blocked, parried w/e he safe regardless lol. Such bullshit

Unblockables…I’m sorry but it’s just dumb. Sounds like something that would exist in a real primitive 2-D fighter lol.

dont compare 3S to CvS2 or MvC2

only a Ken scrub would say that

This topic and how EVO always turns out make me think–what would 3S be like if EVO held a seperate tournament where Yun, Chun-Li and Ken were banned? I think it would put some new life into the game. Maybe in Japan Urien/Makoto/Necro/Yang/Dudley/Other players can beat the top-tier, but that’s because they’re way better than U.S. players.

a possible idea…hmmmm…I know I’ve seen soem real nice japanese Necro players

Ohhh I finally found the results you guys are talking about.

Apparently it’s in the “Tournament Results” thread.

DUH. Hahaha.

I said the tiers were built into the game, not that they were placed there intentionally. Perhaps I could’ve chosen a better adjective than “built” but you get my point.

Tiers aren’t “created” by how well strengths/weakness are exploited; that’s player skill. Tiers exist theoretically and (almost) independantly of the player. The Japanese are not the best at this game because they’re “innovative”, they’re simply better at using the tools that were built into the game. They do not “create” tiers via “innovation,” because no matter how hard you look you’re not going to magically pull something out of the air that makes Sean top tier. In a game this old, we can generally assume that every game-defining factor has been discovered, and to become a top player one simply has to master the most powerful elements of the game.

Or to quote Sirlin:

“Many scrubs have strong ties to ?innovation.? They say ?that guy didn?t do anything new, so he is no good.? Or ?person x invented that technique and person y just stole it.? Well, person y might be 100 times better than person x, but that doesn?t seem to matter.”

Ill admit i never bother to really learn cvs2…partially because i really bought into the hype of 3s being the most balanced fighter ever where as everyone seem to be play as either blanka or sagat in cvs2 which kind of left a bad impression to me at first. Im stating to think that maybe i was wrong about 3s and that maybe cvs2 is the better game…at least it has more top tiers in competitve play. I also just want to note that i still think allowing all super arts would greatly enhance the usage of low/mid tier characters in 3s in competitive play. I mean at the very least we could expand the top tier roster to maybe 6 or 7 characters instead of just 3 with the ocasional fluke mid tier making a appearance.

yeah and why don’t we just ban the good players who use top tier from competing too while we’re at it too? Any attempt to “balance” a game usually fails horribly. i.e. CVS2 EO, A3 upper, etc. People like abusing shit. It’s inherent, and a “balanced game” just means a ton of characters that are all super powered.

The last time I think a player won using weird character was chikkyu with his Raiden/???

Just because a game has better balance doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

^which was what? like 02 or something lol

semantics. Right, I see your point. Perhaps, I am just as upset as everyone else because this may be capcom’s last offering of street fighter and it is far from perfect.

CvS2 has 6 grooves that are vastly different therefore you can have many incarnations of the core character. I suppose CvS2 is automatically more balanced because you can use K/S/A/C/N/P Sagat. Also the only characters in CvS2 that are top is Sagat and Blanka. CvS2 being a team game with 3 characters would naturally feature another character that not everyone would consider to be top tier (Cammy, Vega, Bison, Honda, Yamazaki, Ken, Guile, Ryu, Akuma, Maki, Iori). The end

if its a one on one game, a bison will be weaker

I just think allowing all super arts would help make this game more playable…at least it wouldnt be so dull because you can get more variety in your character selection.

I’m having a little trouble understanding why the fact that CvS2 is more varied cuz of 6 Grooves and 3-on-3 is a bad thing. Yes, Capcom designers “cheated” to create more playable characters. It was a good idea. You 3S players are just jealous cuz the 3S version of Grooves (selecting Super Arts at the beginning) was a horrible idea. So there.

Rik: I realize you have good intentions but “customizing” the game never ever works out. All it does is create rifts within the community between the players who like to use arcade settings and the players who like to use their own rules. Anything that splits the community is bad because it automatically reduces the number of players on the field. Plus nobody will ever be able to decide where to stop. I mean, what are we supposed to do? Have some kinda “SF Experts” panel decide what settings we’re gonna use for the next 2 years? If you’re disappointed in the game, play something else. There are at least 5 tournament-caliber SF games out there. Just because something is old doesn’t make it bad.

I hate tier-whoring as much as the next person, but to say 3rd strike “is not balanced” or “theres only 3 usable characters” is pure BS, and whoever thinks that probably just gets beat down alot.

Don’t get me wrong, its obviously WAY easier to win with the top 3 (more abusable stuff)…and they give the rest of the cast tough matchups and all that…

But just because Japanese Chun and Yun players ate the americans up this year doesn’t mean the game is all about Chun and Yun.
Every so often those same guys (Nuki, Mester, Raoh etc) as well as top guys get ROCKED in Japan by Yang, Hugo, Ibuki, Q, Necro, Dudley, whoever. They just know the match-ups over there, period.

3s is DEFINITELY not in the same boat as marvel/cvs2, etc as far as it being broken down to x-few amount of characters (in high-level tournament play).
It just takes experience that most people in the USA can’t attain cause arcades are basically done.

Shaaaady: If you’re saying that the best Hugo player will win one tournament for every ten tournaments Ohnuki wins with Chun, then sorry to disappoint you but we already knew that. And it doesn’t help the situation at all.

You guys have to find a balance between character variety and top tier dominance. Acting like top tiers don’t dominate is only going to keep you frustrated. Don’t tell me that the Oro players of the world enjoy losing to Chun Li players who are on the same level skillwise.

People complain about top tiers all the time. Let’s ban Magneto/Sentinel/Storm out of MvC2, oh and lets ban Blanka/Sagat out of CvS2.

Really people play these games because they have fun playing them, how much fun you have watching is entirely up to you. A game is ruined when it ceases to become fun to play.

Now arguments about how it may not be fun ot watch are valid, but I really don’t see how you can say a game is ruined because it’s not fun as a spectator.

3S is an awesome game. So is CVS2. But what I’m trying to say is you look at results and then your critque the whole game. That just ain’t right. 3S is still a balanced game. It depends on the player as mentioned previously. If you see some of the recent Japanese tournament vids you see Yang,Dudley and even IBUKI WIN!!!?!?! So in the end there are ways around Yun,Chun & Ken. But i’m not saying it’s easy I’m just saying before you bash the games “balance” try to understand these fine details.