3rd Strike across the Globe

3rd Strike across the Globe

One of the more popular fighting games, 3rd Strike is played all around the world. This thread is intended to compile the various online outlets of these various communities.
Note: Most of the websites I mention have videos of other games as well, so this can also be a decent guide for other games as well.

Certain websites compile match videos of various games, including 3rd Strike, from around the world and present them for easy viewing or download. Most are updated frequently.

Go For Broke NEWS
In my opinion, the most useful match video website on the net. Updated very frequently and links to matches coming from some of the best 3rd Strike venues. Most of the recent international match videos can be found linked here.

If searched well, you find a plethora of 3rd Strike videos.
To give you a taste:
Hosts 1500+ 3rd Strike videos new and old!
A brief tutorial released in Japanese for all the 3rd Strike characters.
Wished 3rd Strike could be more broken? Look no further.

Combo Videos
One of the most popular websites hosting a myriad of match videos.

God Weapon
Another of the more popular websites.

Now let?s check out the communities and their representative websites around the world.


The most developed 3rd Strike community in the world, featuring tournaments and ranbats that are attentively viewed by players all around the world. They exhibit the highest level of skill.

Tougeki: Super Battle Opera
Arguably, the most anticipated team tournament. Held annually, this tournament features the most popular fighting games, including 3rd Strike, and some of the greatest players from Japan and around the world.
Website is in Japanese.

KSK Gamer’s Vision
KSK?s blog site that contains the most viewed of all ranbat tournaments that take place at Gamer?s Vision Arcade. They are frequently released, well presented and feature some of the best talent in Japan with occasional visits from out -of-country players.

Website is in Japanese.
The links are obvious as they are brown and underlined. Make sure you are downloading the video for the right game. If you have Japanese Language encoding it is usually pretty easy to tell which links are 3rd Strike Matches; ???3rd = 3rd Strike.
Some files are torrent files, while others lead to a download sharing/managing program called Filebank. For the Filebank links, enter the password ?movie? and you should be able to download it.

A very popular arcade in Japan. Frequently releases excellent 3rd Strike footage.
Website is in Japanese.
Match videos can be very easily identified. Click on the ??? link under the Street Fighter III 3rd Strike banner.

Another of the innumerable arcades in Japan. Although this arcade tends to focus on other fighting games, they occasionally releases excellent 3rd Strike footage. Also you can search for ?Game41? on you tube to see some of their older but still remarkable footage.
Website is in Japanese.

A blog that occasionally releases match videos of a very high level.

Website is in Japanese.
Match videos can be easily identified. They are also coloured pink.
Example: RX?UR? vs. ???DU?

Game Newton
One of the most prominent arcades in Japan, hosting some of their best players. Unfortunately, they do no host videos on their website. However if you search for ?Game Newton? on you tube, you will find many great battles.

An arcade that hosts some good 3rd strike footage of the tournaments they hold. They have two locations.
Just click on the links on the right of the 3rd Strike logo.
Look to the left and click one that contains ?3rd?. Then at the bottom right corner, click on the small link that contains the words ?MOVIE?.
They also host this YouTube Channel


With skilled players capable of competing well against the Japanese, the US 3rd Strike scene is one of the most developed and highly skilled.

Held annually, Evo is the longest running fighting game tournament. Bringing in talent from across the American nation and all around the world, it is not to be missed.
Notoriously known to spend an insane amount of time releasing DVD footage. But its worth the wait.

Denjin Video
The most outstanding 3rd Strike scene in the west coast, if not all of North America. Featuring many of the most famous US players and top-notch footage. They hold regular ranbats at the Family Fun Arcade.

Low Tier Productions
3rd Strike Colorado scene.

West Palm Beach Florida 3rd Strike scene. Contains a variety of video game footage, including some impressive 3rd Strike ones.

NYC China Town
A small taste of the NYC 3rd Strike scene.

Midwest Challenge
A small taste from the Midwest.

Arcade Infinity



Producing players of very high caliber, Canada is not to be underestimated.

Orbit Ranbat
A YouTube channel featuring Toronto?s 3rd Strike scene, the most developed and skilled within Canada.

Gaming Evolution
A Fighting game/anime community in Mississauga.
And their corresponding YouTube channel

New and upcoming to the Canadian 3rd Strike scene.


Arguably the most developed and skilled 3rd Strike scene in Europe.

Console League
This is the meeting grounds for nations such as France, Holland, Swiss and Belgium. They also link to a tremendous amount of international videos in addition to their very own.
Website is in French.

Organizer of tournaments and ranbats within France.
Website is in French.
Media section currently under construction.

Kx Gamer?s MAISON
A French website dedicated to hosting videos of French and International 3rd Strike.

and their forums:
Here is where you can find the videos

A blog by Billy Kane, one of the best players in Europe, featuring many of his matches and other matches from around the world.

Website is in French.

A blog featuring various battles in France.

Website is in French.


Highly regarded as one of the best 3rd Strike scenes in Europe.

Neo Empire
An exceptionally organized website displaying the best players UK has to offer.

Rakurai Media1 Channel
A YouTube channel exhibiting various UK 3rd Strike matches.

Ranking Battles
UK forum where the best of the UK gather and discuss/post results regarding their frequently held 3rd strike ranking battles

ProdigalSon Comes Home
Videos taken from UK 3rd Strike NEKO tournaments and some Tekken 5: DR matches as well, recorded by Ryan Hart.


Hard Edge
Although the Hard Edge website is German, the match videos in the link below is Austrian.

*Website is in German.
Links are obvious. *

A youtube account displaying some of Austria’s talent.


Greek Dojo


PT Fighters
Website is in Portuguese.


Arctic Charge
Finland 3rd Strike scene.
Also available in English.


Bitter Harmony
Website is in Swedish.


Comprehensive website displaying Russia?s talent in 3rd Strike amongst other things.
Website is in Russian.


Extremely skilled, Hong Kong has produced players capable of competing against some of Japans notorious players.

Real Street Fighter Community
YouTube outlet for Hong Kong 3rd Strike Scene.


Australia has a very well developed and highly skilled 3s scene.

The primary Australian 3rd Strike scene website.
Sydney - http://hosted.filefront.com/jackkkkk
Melbourne - http://www.ozhadou.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1792&sid=89d5a8ffef1b997dd21a1960e8f1dadc
Search around the forums for more videos.

TSCeeeee Channel
A YouTube channel displaying some very impressive matches from Australia including some between some of the best Australian players and some very notable players from Japan.
Accompanied by TSC’s blog containing news and results on Sydney and all of Australia


Hosts some impressive Taiwanese talent at 3rd Strike.
Website is in Chinese.
Click on the links with names such as 3A, F1 etc?


Pinoy Fighters
YouTube Channels with Philippino 3rd Strike footage.


A taste of Venezuela’s 3rd Strike scene.



Last but not least, Chile?s impressive 3rd Strike talent is displayed in this well organized website.
Website is in Spanish.

There is bound to be more active communities out there. If you see any that have not been mentioned (that preferably release videos) feel free to let me know and I will add them. Also, keep in mind there are much more scenes out there. They just don?t release videos and are not as organized as other places.

Hope this helps some people :wgrin:

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the real web site for Kx Gamer’s Maisonis http://gmaison.exblog.jp/ or http://kgmaison.ephpbb.com/ for the forum

At first, I was only willing to post the sites where videos can be found, but it seems a lot of people want me to mention their respective main websites and forums etc… so I’ll start doing that.
However, in the case of a community that doesnt post vidoes somewhere, i will not link it (unless its something huge).

Actually, I think posting community websites would be highly beneficial for people who travel. I know that while I was in europe I was in need of a website that would direct me to a community to play games with while i was there.

I mean seriously, who really wants to watch the same old 3s that’s played in different parts of the world? Is watching 3s vids really that entertaining?

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Yes. At least for me it is. I dunno about everyone else. I am sure the level of skill is a big factor. But I love seeing how developed different countries are. And some places like HK, are in my opinion, very close to the Japanese level. And the mixups at that level is insane.
Except chun li matches -_- those are just boring…
I especially love matches with mid to low tier chars… those are hella fun to watch…