3/3/2007 MD/DC/VA C3's March Mayhem/ FRX practice 3S, ST, GGXX/, CvS2, T5:DR

Tourney Location:

21770 Beaumeade Circle, Ashburn, Va 20148


Embassy Suites Hotel Dulles-North/Loudoun, VA 3 star rating
44610 Waxpool Road, Dulles, VA Map
0.3 Miles South of 21770 Beaumeade Circle ~109$ a night

Hampton Inn Washington-Dulles Intl Airport 3 star rating
45440 Holiday Drive, Dulles, VA Map
2.4 Miles Southeast of 21770 Beaumeade Circle ~74$ a night

1000 SULLY RD, Sterling, VA Map
2.8 Miles Southeast of 21770 Beaumeade Circle ~71$ anight

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson Washington Dulles Airport 3 star rating
2.9 Miles Southeast of 21770 Beaumeade Circle ~79$ a night

btw, there are PLENTY more in the area. It’s like not even 5 minutes from Dulles airport.

12pm: SSBM: Game Cube (Singles+Doubles) (10$)

4pm ish: Registration opens

3S and GGXX/ will start first.
Tekken 5: DR Next
CvS2 and ST will start soon after.

!! Poker tournament around 10 to 11.
Some systems and games are needed: If you can post up what you can bring, that’d be great.

PS3 2/ T5DR download is needed. First two guys that show up w/ them will get free entry into the T5 tourney and will not have to pay venue fee (18$ value).

SSBM is bring your own controller.

All games: Double Elim

Tourney Fees:

Tourney entrance fee:
10$ CvS2, GGXX/, 3S, ST, t5

Venue Fee: 8$ (one drink and chips/candy included)

This is a change, i know. I didn’t want to raise the venue fee arbitralrily. So i included one free drink and chips/candy. Most of you guys buy drinks anyway, so it breaks out about even, especially if you get a gatorade/red bull/bawls or something.

Standard Rules for all games.

Payout per tourney:

<10 entrants 66/33
10-20 entrants: 58/28/14
over 20 entrants 53/26/14/7
over 50 entrants 50/25/12.5/6.25/3.125/3.125C


yall goin down!

  • I beat DJ in here. I’ll expect my medal in the mail.

I beat DevilJin!

Seriously though, I’m gonna try to come to this.

Man, even I beat DevilJin. Go C3.

Apparently, he’s either dead, slacking like hell, or hasn’t seen this thread. I think the former.

I don’t know what the hell I was doing. I was definitely not online. Oh wait…well MOD could probably guess and no it wasn’t Xbox Live.

FRX prep? I’m game. Chesapeake at its finest when we hit A town! :cool:

you let black mans kyrptonite stop you from posting first… You sir, don’t deserve SRK. not even a little.:confused:

Apparently beating DevilJin isn’t a big deal. Even NC scrubs can do it.

Yeah…it’s just a ton of hype. Anyone can really do it. Stupid DevilJin guy. :lol:

So that either means he was with a white woman… or stuck in a vault filled with chicken.

damn, does that mean I am black too?:wonder: :looney: :confused:

T5 DR sounds hype btw. Is there any way to use a PS1 PCB stick for the game? Like via a USB adapter or something?

MOD sent you a PM.

hhey wats up. i should be coming!!!

Nice. Bring those NY guys with you. Want another 10 plus team 3S tourney.

Playing basketball?

Maybe with some dat purple drank!

How do I get there? lolz I wanna take the chinatown bus to DC and after that im clueless.

Chinatown bus leaves you like right next to my school in the middle of the city. What I normally do is get someone to drive me from one of the metro stops close to C3, so you’d probably have to go Chinatown bus, metro, driver. Although since the new C3 location is right by Dulles airport, you can just take the metro to Rosslyn station and there’s a bus that goes right to Dulles, and then I guess you could just have someone drive the 5 minutes to pick you up.

Actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea, I think that’s what I’m gonna do.

Yeah, if anyone ends up @ Dulles, I’d force someone to go pick them up, or i’d do it myself.

It’s that close.

This tournament is gonna mark my return to c3, I figure should make the occasion special in someway. That is to say, I’m issuing a challenge. The N-Ken challenge. This certain individual is challenged to compete in a poker ironman match so to speak, 1 HU freezeout match of NL Hold Them, 1 HU freezeout of HORSE, and 1 HU freezeout of any game said challenger chooses(to weed out the wacky kitchen table games I’ll say any game offered on PokerStars, which is like every decent game anyways) best 2 out of 3 wins. Im thinking $50 for the stakes but I could likely be convinced higher, this person should know who he is, this person thinks he can crush me in poker, he thinks he’s above me skillwise, well I’m saying if you really are better prove it in a 2 out of 3. You are welcome to take me money bro, just try it, please.