3/3/2007 MD/DC/VA C3's March Mayhem/ FRX practice 3S, ST, GGXX/, CvS2, T5:DR

FUCKING HYPE!!! i gotta see how this ends. part 2 is about to commence.

god approves of this said challenge. FREE MONIES.

now that he’s accepted im hijacking this shit.

for the nl texas holdem u both start with 5k in chips. blinds start at 25 - 50. levels last 10 mins.

doubled from there on out. dont want it lasting all damn day/night.

for the H.O.R.S.E. you both start with same chips(5k). blinds start at same level(25-50). levels the same length(10mins)

structure the same.

now for the third event. i know what it is but i wont ruin the suprise he has for the opponent. just to be fair to the challenger.

can both u little girls accept these terms.

i might come just to watch the poker match ^_^;

HORSE has to be a different structure cause of the stud games having antes and bring in and stuffs, For NL that sounds good though.

may swing through to this…

fuck that H.O.R.S.E. is gonna be NL

This is so sad. If the first tournament starts on a day that I have to work, then that means that I can’t attend that whole year unless I take off.

Whatttttttttttttttttttttt…i down for this shit

Guess i’ll be there again…


Return of the HOS, new and improved.

man this shit is always scheduled on UFC fights… can we get some broadcast UFC goin on

m bringing puzzle fighter with me and taking MMs in it
any takers?

damn GG teams?

Even might have to sign up for that.

2/3 $10

I’m down for sidebets. Play some casuals first and I’ll place my bets.

the fuck, Puzzle Fighter popping up like it is new. I think im about to make a puzzel fighter related AV.




is SSBM doubles FF on?

4/7 the max you’re willing to bet.

im gonna have to bet that purple drink :slight_smile:
but seriously, i think the max i can do is 10 each =P