2x QCF on square gate

Not sure if this is really the right forum to post this, but since it’s not really tied to any particular game… I’m having a lot of trouble doing a 2xQCF motion on my basic fightstick, which has a square gate. I keep missing the diagonal if I’m trying to go fast, or I hit it and get stuck. I can do it if I go extremely slowly and hold the stick in an uncomfortable way (directly from the top) but obviously that’s not practical for any matches in anything.

Is there some kind of trick to doing this? I’ve tried overshooting it, doing a piano input, whatever, nothing seems to work and I’ve been trying for days to get the hang of it. Is there a video or something that shows what it SHOULD look like when you do it properly?


Piano input…dude…:confused:

It looks like two quarter circles forward. What the hell else would it look like?

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I know what a piano input is and why you do it (to increase the chances of a super or reversal going off, more inputs = better chance) and I know it has nothing to do with directional inputs. I only mentioned it because I didn’t want people to assume it was a timing problem.

The reason I’m asking for some kind of video is because I want to see what the proper technique is. Clearly I don’t have the proper technique. As I said, I can do single QCFs or slow 2x QCFs fine, but when I try to string them together fast, the move doesn’t come out. So, obviously I’m doing something wrong. Maybe my hand is drifting to the left too much. Maybe I’m putting too much weight into the corner as I pass it. Maybe I’m overshooting too much. I don’t know.

I believe that piano input or whatever your talking about is more of a technique to ensure that the button input is captured by the game. Especially for moves like iori’s qcb+P x3 or Fei Longs qcf+p x 3. It wont help you out any if your qcf command is sloppy. The only thing to do i go to practice mode, practice doing the qcfx2 motion from both sides of the screen until you feel comfortable. Remember, its all in the wrist.

Make sure you’re not “riding the gate.” You shouldn’t be putting much weight on the stick at all, keeping a lighter grip on it will help you get out your motions faster.

Other than that, it’s seriously all a matter of practice. It may take you several weeks to get it down, and that’s normal.

If you’re REALLY having trouble even after many weeks of practice, you could try switching grips.

switch to an octogate so you can get used to the motions, after that go back to square. At least thats what worked for me.

aaaa_: That YouTube link was a big help. I had read the EventHubs guide but video is always better than still pictures. I’m tempted to switch to octagonal since I can do everything on that easily, but since I also play Guile in SF2, I’ll try to stick it out.

Don’t ride the gate. This is the biggest problem that people thinks about the square gate is that they actually think they need to push the joystick all the way to the edge. You don’t actually have to do that…

Square gate should be better for Guile (I play Guile, so I know).

It’s really a matter of practice. I couldn’t do DPs with square before, but after going a tad slower, it was okay. But, double QCF is okay for me.

Yes, i completely forgot about this. This is one of the most important things to think about when using a joystick. It just comes natural from playing that i didnt even think to mention this.

use “dash” (f,f) method
thought that you want to make normal dash
meny players use this motion for SRK on square gate
but this work on 2xQCF too


like everyone has said, don’t ride the gate. you don’t need to and if you do, you actually get stuck… which is what sounds like is happening to you.

also, not sure what game you are playing but if you are playing SF IV, do NOT use piano method.

you won’t get ultra(of course) and if you get stuck doing the :qcf::qcf: trying to get a super out, with the input shortcut you’ll most likely get a ex shoryu, whiff, and end up eating a nice fat combo…

if you are not used to the motion it’s going to take some time.

practice, practice, then practice some more.

don’t ride the gate.

If you can’t hit QCF motions in SF4, you should just stop playing fighting games. SF4’s shortcuts are so easy to execute.

kowal, your diagram seemed interesting, but I don’t get all the notation (2n = neutral position before starting the second motion? What’s 3-6?) Could you explain it?

Good tips on not riding the gate… it’s getting easier now that I’m not doing that. Kazujiro, I have no problems in SF4 aside from getting EX DP sometimes instead of 2xQCF. I also have no problems with plain QCF motions. The main game I play right now is HDR with some SF4 and BB on the side.

yes “n” is neutral
number (1,2,3) is start position
but this input work very good on LS32 on JLF I have problem on this method
and for 2xQCF you need only step 3,4,5,6

No one said anything about SF4 inputs. And shortcuts will probably create more of an issue for 2x QCF then helping.

But as a user who wnet from Octo to square I can tell you. Don’t ride the gate. In all other sticks that are not square riding the gate works, and helps mostly. square gate is said to be faster, but thats because YOU CAN’T RIDE THE GATE.

I had to relearn ultra motion when I moved to square so I kow the pain. practice in training mode. Muscle memory will get it. Do it slow. Over and over again. And then do ti some more. Muscle memory is amazing. A trick that may help (Use only to get the motion down) is on you second qcf motion Jam the stick to the Up front as you hit the buttons. Don’t make it a habbit, use it as a guide.

it helped me hope it hekps yu too,

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OP: i had the exact same problem as you when i first got my stick. it’s a long process to getting the execution down packed, but here’s some tricks to help you along.

Try :d::df::qcf::uf: first.

Assuming you’re holding the stick with a conventional ring and pinky wineglass grip, but cupping the ball from the side instead of from below, you will use the same muscles in your palm to hit the :df: as you will to hit the :uf: and it will be harder to miss the second :df:.

MORE importantly, when you get used to going all the way up to :uf:, you will more often then not just stop at :r: once you get used to the motion, thus mastering :qcf: in an indirect way.

Some people said don’t ride the gate, and this is good advice BUT doesn’t help out someone who’s missing the input entirely. So for the first :d::df: make sure you hit the corner of the gate before beginning the :qcf:.

hope that works
edit: [media=youtube]u0RogtiExg8[/media] more detailed explanation of what i just explained.

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my manual sux, but it is true SF4 have easy input

it is input for GGXX jump instal or something (Wild Jonny Arizonny)?