2nd Impact Ibuki

I’m told she is very good in this game. Can someone tell me how to use her? I’m very new to fighting games and I really want to learn!


Just so you know, Ibuki is one of the hardest characters in the game to play effectively. She needs an extensive knowledge of the game and other characters setups to keep her alive. She doesn’t have the life bar or damage output to play like most of the characters in the cast. I, personally, don’t play second impact. I know she’s stronger in that version of SF3, however. If you really wanna’ learn her, you’ll spend a lot of time nailing down combos till you can do them without thinking and getting railed by other players while you try to learn to avoid their combos and supers that make ibuki cry. :wink:

Use Super #3 and you’ll win. =)

PS: Hedyeh loves me. :wink:

shinerik… were you at family fun a couple days ago?

Never played Ibuki in 2i.

Could somebody explain why SAIII is so good?

Bar size? Damage? Connectivity? Invincibility frames? What does it look like?

I’d like answers to all these if possible.

Think of ken’s shippu… only faster, and it hits from almost full screen. You can basically use it to punish anything. Here’s a short clip demonstrating the speed and range that it has.



That is obsurd!

Thanks btw.

Also note the short bar and 2 stocks for that super, as well as the fact that it allows for juggles afterward. The best I’ve found is close RH -> superjump RH, is that it?

It links off of UOH (even at point blank range, if they’re STANDING), low strong, close forward (and, likewise, the short->forward chain), the slide (at max range or close to it), the f+forward (I think that’s it…the leaping overhead kick), and the standing double fierce (either one).

I love this game.

Yang: low strong, low strong, SA1 = 2nd-tier.

Yes I was there this past Sunday. I was playing Ibuki a bit. ^^

yeah man… i was the yellow ibuki… i don’t really play with her anymore… i play with yun now :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol yeah I feel funny when playing another Ibuki. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw… I can’t use Dudley. I only play Ibuki and… Ken?

your ibuki’s pretty dope:p :stuck_out_tongue:

Shinerik, you’re alex, right? At family fun during the huge team and singles sf3 tournaments?

Goddamn, I’ve never seen so much crossup craziness in my entire life. I thought it was hella funny how you stepped in after I played ibuki to show how a “real man” gets it done. That is, if you are indeed the same guy.

No my name is indeed Erik. =)

Lol thanks. =)

I don’t think I was there and I don’t think I am capable of doing all the nice stuff. I suck at 3s. =)


I always, pronounced it Shine-rik. Not Shin-Erik.


alex is a good friend of mine… TearBane… yeah he’s known as the best ibuki in USA

Once again my assumption is wrong. Though you guys go to family fun, so you’re still probably hella good. I don’t trust people who say “I suck at 3s” anymore, heh.

I suck at 3s.

3S is the best game worth putting your time and effort into “sucking”. Keep up the good work ladies.

Its SHIN and then its ERIK. Then you gotta say it real fast. :wink: