2nd Impact Ibuki

That S.A. of hers owned. Her Yami Shigure I think it is where she knifes ya then dashes back-n-forth is weak, no damage & no priority, kinda stupid.

woooow that super rocked. I could just imagine using the technique i use with her in 3s aided by the brokenness of that super :D.

well i’m thankful it’s fixed, i love how restrained ibuki is now, it makes her one of the most fun characters to play in the 3s line up (in my opinion that is :P)

There’s another thread about this already, but Yami Shigure isn’t terrible. It just isn’t as useful as SA1.


will what is her best S.A. in 3S

SAI is her best super. It actually defeats the preconceived notion that the most easily comboed super is the best for a given character. SAIII is probably her most easily comboed, but it won’t really punish anything, and the damage, when you do combo it, is pretty weak. SAI on the other hand has three short stocks, and has some insane priorities (most notably the chip damage).

It’s because of that SAI that you see more “C”'s from an Ibuki player than anyone else.

<3 SAI

Thanks everybody, you really helped :party:

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SF3:2I Ibuki. The Goddess I fell in love with.

Not only is Hashin-Sho crazy (you can pretty much punish anything when you have meter)

but she can chain a Crouching short into crouching strong into QCB+Any Kick and then cancel that into her Hashin-Sho. It’s so crazy and makes her poke game incredibly dirty and deadly.

oh yeah i guess her 2 air-chains and crazy priority are up there too… :clap:

Also jump in jab, hold forward fierce, jab,strong,fierce, EX neck snap is about the most stun I’ve ever seen… its pretty sick…

Her SA3 (Yami Shigure ) is great for the following. … .imo.

  1. can combo off any of her cancelable moves.
  2. does great stun damage.
  3. builds quick so you can use it more than ones in a round.

i think if you pick it then you know what you are doing. Its the best SA and is all i use cuz i love to stun people.

Well…it’s definitely not a bad super. The short bar means you get access to it quickly as well. f+MK overhead works well as a hit confirm into the super. So do a lot of her other normals. Chain combos into it aren’t bad as well because of the stun you can deal with the super. It’s not a super for dealing big damage but the stun is rather decent. If you can use it from a distance to punish a whiffed normal it can be very useful especially if all 3 kunais connect to ensure maximum damage. Especially against opponents in a crouching position (20 percent damage increase).

Although it has that going for it, Ibuki is still a character that’s heavily reliant on EX and Yami Shigure only has one small bar. So you can’t literally pressure people with EX’s like you can with SA1 with multiple air EX kunais. Not to mention it’s nice to know you have more access to stuff like EX kazakiri’s (DP special) which is essential for getting out of wake up games. TK SA1 is a rather strong pressure tool as well and can be very difficult to counter because you can mix it up with a kunai super cancel to throw off people’s parrying timing. Can’t beat that chip damage either.

Anyone got combos vids or matches of DI Ibuki?

I’d like to see them, too.

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**Just do a search at www.combovideos.com. ** There’s a nice 2nd Impact Ibuki combo vid on there.

Oh, clog Maggie’s computer with spyware so that she can’t post? Interesting strategy.

Except she’s using my computer, asshole!

Don’t be mean, Rick! He was just trying to be helpful!

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Who the hell was he even talking to? :wtf: :lol: