Dec. 1 - Phoenix @ Winnipeg.

Should be fun.

That’s my birthday too, should be a fucked up game. I wonder if any Peggers will cheer for Phoenix as well lol

I thought the Penguins fans hated the hell out of Jagr, or is only conditional hate where it’s “we love what you did for us but now that you’re gone fuck you. Oh yeah please come back.”

That’s why they shouldn’t call the new team the Jets. Coyotes come back, have them wear the Jets retros.

It’s official: the Winnipeg Jets are back. I now have a west coast team to cheer for.

They’re evidently going to be playing in the Southeast division this season, which means their travel schedule is going to be among the worst in history.

yeah, they’re still the jets (was there any wonder?), but apparently the jersey or logo will change.

The schedule will absolutely fucking wreck them lol, but oh well. They just gotta take it for one year, then join my division, along with detroit

Welcome back to Edmonton, Mr Smyth

As a massive Fraser-hater.
And a massive Smyth lover.

This is an amazing day for me.

lol Ya, it would have taken too long to change the schedule based off the date the sale was made. So one year in the east, and next year they will realign the divisions and I am sure Peg will be in the Northwest.

Sounds about right. The hate stems from him bailing on the team when it was beginning to decline and to chase a fat contract. You know how fan reactions to that are. I have always been a fan of Jagr even when he left just as I am still a fan of Kovalev and Morozov, who is busy making fat money and dominating the KHL.

I am eagerly awaiting a line of Jagr, Crosby, Kovalev with Jagr and Kovy cherry picking the hell out of the neutral zone waiting for Crosby to do all the work. 100+pt season for all, wooooo

Sharks getting Burns, thumbs up!

sounds like they got raped on that deal though

That remains to be seen.

It’s a high risk maneuver because Burns is a UFA after this season and he may have a concussion problem, but the Sharks need a defender like Burns in order to get to win the Stanley Cup. In the playoffs, the opponents picked on Boyle and thus forced Murray to break out of the zone more often than he is used to. Murray sucks at breaking out and will just dump it up the boards, one of the main reasons both LA and Vancouver got a lot of turnovers in bad places for the Sharks. Same thing on the White/Wallin defensive pairing. Vlasic and Demers were the only defensive pairing that could counter-attack that simple strategy.

Burns is exactly what the Sharks need. They paid more than he’s worth, but they should get a significant improvement exactly where they need it.

I am actually shocked at how many players the Oil signed.


Yes, this is truly the answer to Philly’s problems. Lolol. Best off-season meltdown ever.

Lol @ them signing a rival for over 3 mill

Cmon burkie, pull the trigger

I am still in shock over the Varlamov trade.
Very very very very risky for the Avs.

Philly making all the right moves. EVERYONE JELLY.

Richards to NYR?

Richards to LA?

Going to find out shortly. I think he takes less to come to NY…if he comes to NY.

Hell yeah. The Panthers got completely overhauled. We added eight players total, I believe, over the past few days. Loved all the acquisitions, even if we overpaid on a few.

That’s the beauty. FLA could afford to overpay just to hit the cap floor haha Good for you guys though. Us getting Smytty back is pretty close to Jovocop coming back to the cats, I would say.