20$ for best stick art

Hello there,

I ordered a stick from Koi recently, and I am in need of some uber artwork for it.
The stick is going to be a Bison (dictator) themed stick. The case is going to be painted red, with red buttons, and a red stick.

The art must be 8"x10" and at least 300 dpi.

This is the artwork I planned on using, the un-cropped version. Feel free to stick with this image and make it sweeter, or go in an entirely new direction! As long as it is Bison related, and will match the colors of the box/parts :smiley:

Really just looking for something more exciting I suppose.

The persons art that I use will receive 20$ via paypal.

Any other questions feel free to ask.
I need the art as soon as possible, but you have a few days.
Need by Nov. 16


noone :(?

final bump ><
Please help me out! And ill help u out :D!

Calm down, someone will pick this up I’m sure.

Here are some more Bison pics




if no one picks this up, you should just ask anyone who knows how to use photoshop well.

I saw the template.

There’s no better one? :wonder:

I shall grant you a bison stick art, in a few…

Yays :slight_smile:


A good start, I like what you did with the eyes a lot… But I don’t like the blue/black colors…

Maybe that bison pic, with the eyes like that, with red flames instead of blue, and white instead of black background, faded into the background… Then this pic http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/1954/mbis4onxp9.jpg as foreground between the buttons and stick itself. Or even use this pic http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/9909/mbisonbf9.jpg right under the joystick, kinda like he is holding it. Like my avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and if you could write my last name, Proudfoot, in the bottom right corner in cool text/blended in, that would be sweet

Yeah I am digging that one a lot, nice! However, I don’t know about the size. Its really really large, and makes the quality look bad ><. I dunno if it would print out better? Thisis what koi originally sent me back after sending him the bison pic, cropped I think to fit the stick, dunno if he resized it ><

Other than that I like it a lot, but the text could use some work, and the bg color kinda too pinkish


Now offering 20$ for best art…




Probably won’t want either of them. But of for whatever reason the first one floats your boat, let me know because I have to fix it up still.

You need a better template on the real.So I know where to place.If you post a better template I will take up on it.

:rofl: Shit is too funny!!!

I’ll give it a bash.

Great work dude, looks much better. One minor thing, sean’s shadow is positioned wrong, should be futher down the image inline with Remy