2 year old flips parents' SUV


Kids are getting Mario Kart on real life automobiles earlier and earlier.

People are going to have to lock up their cars like they lock up their guns now…

WTF? There either there are so many inconsistencies in the report or real life is just that unpredictable…

How did the 2 year-old not get injured?

WTF? An SUV can flip from hitting the curb? How do people delude themselves into believing them things are safe?

Kid: "Mom? How come you won’t let me drive?"
Mom: shows her kid this news story, all saved up for the occasion
Mom: “Not until I’m in my grave you will!”

Two year-olds bounce.

They see me rollin…

her new nickname at school is gonna be lil flip…

This is what I thought you meant.


I was wrong.

how in the name of…How’d she even…What the flying…


Man, I hope Drizzt’s daughter is okay.

SUV’s are “top heavy.” Why people buy them? Because they think since they are big and sucks money, that they will be safe for them.

SUV’s are total bullshit, anyone can quote me on that.

This story would go perfectly with those All State commercials…

Badass kids. Parents could have sorted out these rampant behavior problems by beating the kid at age 1.5 or before, and all this would have been prevented.

Yes, because hitting infants actually works compared to punishing bad behavior in a more meaningful way. <_<’

Although I can’t completely disagree, my parents used to beat the shit out of me my whole life (my grandma would slap the shit out of my brother when he as 2, with rubber flip flops, on his FACE!!!) and I turned out pretty well. My choice of friends really sucks but as a person, I’m actually not all that bad.

Fairly sure that you are a stupid asshole. And that’s just based on this single post.

Impossible to punish without beating them.
Too much fun shit is in every room of pretty much every house.

It does. Everybody knows that anytime a child misbehaves, the inescapable conclusion is that the child should have been beaten prior to the event–and if the child was beaten, the child should have been beaten more.

It’s how you train your kids to be like gohan. Super Saiyan by age 5, guaranteed.

Shit, that was the most close minded post I’ve seen in a long time. You actually posted some good shit around here before so it’s a little surprising having that stupid shit coming from you.

I’d have to disagree because that isn’t the case in every family/home. If you lock a kid in his room and all he has is his thoughts and a mattress, the little person will usually think twice before doing something blatantly stupid. It’s all dependent on the kids tho. My best friend growing up only ever wanted to play his SNES or his genesis so to punish him his parents just locked him in his room with no controllers, games, or cables and just left him the console. They were also pretty smart and didn’t let him sneak any shit that’d let him play his consoles. It worked really well until he both A) stopped caring so much about the snes/genesis and B) started to like new things. It wasn’t a really harsh punish like beating him but it was a good punish when he didn’t do extremely stupid shit. Kids at all ages need proper levels of punishment IMO and just beating the hell out of a kid isn’t the answer for every solution. she/he is a human being and not a dog and if you treat kids/teens like dogs, guess what they’re gonna act like?
Probably not like real human beings.

But again, that shit’s just my opinion and my experiences talking.