2 New Darkside Sanwa Stiks

These are a couple of new designs as well. Actually the 1st one is my new miniture design which was originally intended as a “stik for kids” because of its small buttons (mini balltop too) and size but I modified the layout spacing enough for grown ups to use as well, I was messing with it last night and I can play on it just fine despite its little size, plus it has a solid weight. The 2nd is a slightly smaller lower profile “hybrid” version of my original small designs. Both are all sanwa buttons and both have sanwa flash joysticks. Also here’s a comparison shot next to the Hori Tekken stik.

Mini Champloo SOLD
Champloo Frontal Shot
T5 Custom

i’m really liking that samurai champloo one. did you make that artwork cause it’s pretty sweet

Both are very nice creations…I love your work Darkside…keep up the good work.


Too Good! :tup:

Hey Darkside, you live in NM are you coming up to Colorado for the Cutthroat Tourny?

I am really liking the art for the t5 stick
Hey darkside, is there a tutorial for making the casing like your samurai champloo stick. I’ve seen the one for the small sanwa case, but I like that smaller design better. (even though it seems more difficult to make)

Do you make your own cases?

  • yes he does.

:clap: INCREDIBLE as usual…I can’t stop looking at the champloo stick. :wow:
Will you by any chance be willing to sell it? If you are can you PM me with a price for it? I wanted to get something special for my little brother since his birthday is coming up, and I believe this will make him worship me even more. MWWAHAHAHAHA

Too nice.

nice darkside no need for a better pic on the champ one

oO, wow. You truly are the god of joystick making.

Eh, still waiting for a chance to get mine. 7 months and counting :wasted:

havent posted in your threads in quite a while. your work is amazing. inspires me to attempt to make a joystick that rivals the quality of yours.

Do you make these to sell or just for you? I would be very interested in one of the “mini” ones…Thanks!

Not sure, college has me on lock down pretty bad, when is it?

vlkyr: I make the art as well, usually by snagging bits and pieces of what I like then modifying and mixing them together

Let’s see, I make my own cases and normally I’ll make stiks for fun but I only keep 2-3 for myself for when people come over so I usually sell any in excess of that. The tekken one was for someone so it has the characters that he likes to use but I’m thinking of making a couple other tekken themed sticks to include some more of the cast. I haven’t decided if I’ll sell the Champloo one yet but I’ll be making another like it (different art of course) along with a few other sticks that will be up for sale really soon. I’m on spring break now and since I’m not going anywhere cool until summer, which pretty much sucks, I figure I’ll finish up a couple designs that I’ve been working on.

It’s April 8th & 9th.

Too good Darkside, just too damn good. :tup:

Those cases are too sick… your work is impressive, to say the least, Darkside…

any possibility of hosting it so i can use it for my stick?

you should do the art for the next champloo stick with the dude from episode 8 and his sidekick doing the beatbox aka baku baku

Best sticks I’ve seen. Ever.

I’m suddenly ultimately jealous of FlashMetroid. :\

Hopefully you do sell the champloo stick. That Crimson Beauty one looks hot as well. By the way did you ever recieve my email regarding the champloo stick?