2 daysago was the 20th anniversary of Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior, y did no 1 care

All day I kept refreshing SRK waiting for the thread of this historic moment to be made but it wasn’t.

I’m very disappointed in SRK.

I remember it like yesterday. Driving to a movie theater to watch it with my dad. The feed going out in the middle of the match and everyone freaking out.

The joy I felt went the Ultimate WArrior won and unified the intercontinental and heavyweight championships until Jack Tunney stripped him of the IC belt

you do realise you care about it more because of your own personal experience and not because of the quality of the performance, right?

you do realize that this match changed not only the landscape of professional wrestling but the world?

if only papa shango didn’t make green ooze come out of ultimate warriors head and make him crazy, he could of been president today

Why haven’t more people posted in this epic thread? It’s mind-boggling.

there is a wrestling thread…

…and this is bigger than it

No joy felt anytime hogan loses just sayin

also did young rsigley bet on the match

green ooze? :rofl:

ultimate warrior was my fav during that age, wrestling has done a good job though, it’s probably one of the things that helped fighting games more approachable come to think of it :rofl:

that whole feed going out in the middle of the match thing is a good stunt

You do realise wrestlings fake right.

What if the Ultimate Warrior was black?

off topic but boleslaw42 i was hoping we oculd take our relationship to the next level so i sent you a friend request on xbox live, i hop that is okay thank you

lol this match and andre the giant v hogan are the only matches i remember happening before wrestlemania 9 (which was at caesar’s palace btw and featured another epic hogan match).

wrestling got real lame when midgets got involved :confused:

wow i totally forgot about papa shango and the green ooze. thank you rsigley for being on srk. this is reminding of how much i liked the undertaker back when he first came out with paul bearer

20 years? I didn’t think I was that young when this happened. I remember being torn because I liked both wrestlers, and didn’t know who I wanted to win. and yeah I undertaker was the shit when he first came out, though I haven’t watched wrestling in years I remember being bored with Undertaker when he was more of a biker.

I have gone ahead and accepted your friend request via computer (as I could not wait until I got home to do so) though admittedly mostly it will just show me playing soulcaster or some other shitty game nobody cares about

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Only rednecks and retards care about wrestling.

I’m neither of those two and I adored wrestling as a kid. My grandpa got me into it when I was 3 and I watched it religiously up until about 2002. I’ll check in on it from time to time nowadays but it’s just no the same for me anymore.

Hulk vs UW was one of the most difficult matches to watch as a kid because I too was torn in who I wanted to win the match. They were both gods of wrestling and it was heartbreaking to know that one of them had to lose.

I’m going to leave this here…


the fight was the bomb, then i grew up. i guess not all of us do, sigh. wrestling is gay btw, when ther is ufc and k1 why anybody would even wanna watch this gay ass shit is beyond me. terrible writing, terrible acting, and the fights, fuck man. wack ass shit, these guys make tony jaa seem like a good actor, and at least jaas fights dont suck ass.

Wrestling is serious business for little kids okay. That fight had the little kid wrestling world divided. how are you going to have Hogan vs the Ultimate warrior?, who the hell an i supposed to route for? thats too much internal conflict for a 6 year old. I didn’t even get to see the match i just remember doing everything i could to see it and then being mad when i heard about it the next day.