13 yr old , just starting out and getting hate mail!?!

My younger cousin who just turned 13 just started to play SSF4 this summer as he saw how me and his older brother are really into it. Naturally this is his first fighting game, but somehow he picked up on things really fast. I told him to pick up Ryu as he is pretty easy to pick up difficult to master. As he has been getting better (4k+ bp, big deal for him) he’s starting to see alot of hatemail and its really making him dislike the game hes the shy and non confrontational kind. We need a younger generation of players to be interested in fighting games or the genre will become obsolete and extinct as it almost became. Lets face it the core fighting game players are 20+yo. Rarely do you see young kids at tournies. We should be helping and encouraging these younger players not pushing them away. He just got his first computer and pointed him towards this site, and hope he can pick up on things here. His XBL tag is DA ALKAMIST323 if any Ryu’s or any other players want to give him some pointers or what not.

It look like 13 is the age to learn “haters gonna hate”.

Tell him that when people get angry when he wins it means he’s good. He might like that.

If he’s getting in to anything competitive, not just fighting games, he’s going to need to thicken up that skin. And I dunno how kids now a days treat the internet, but like it’s just words on the internet. Shit don’t matter. Like, it’s easy to say shit, but it’s also easy to ignore it.

Tell him to man up or GTFO. I’ll gladly abuse him

Like it or not, the fact is that there are a whole lot of people that hide behind the anonymity of the internet. People send out all kinds of trash since it’s not easily traceable.

Whenever your cousin gets around to reading SRK, I strongly suggest that he takes his time to read all of the stickies in the respective forums before firing off posts left and right.

Thanks for posting his gamertag, I’m gonna go send him hatemail right now!

thats the spirit!

If he uses a headset, tell him to not use it.

tell him to ignore it or he’ll just get numb to it. people are always going to be salty! :stuck_out_tongue:

ehhhhhh idk anymore. more young people going to tourneys these days especially since sf4 release

I got this first day of ssf4 online. People use online as an excuse to bitch because they are protected by miles of space and a computer screen. The guy I fought was bitching at me because I had lost a lot. I had maybe at the time, 4 days of sf4 experience. Dunno why people complain about winning. It’s more bp. If they are looking for a “true death match of 2d fighting!!! RAAAAR” they need to go to a tournament. The funny part about this dude though was is that he was so country and had such a bad slurring issue that he was barely understandable. I guess sf was his way of escaping his bad social life.

These guys are probably yelling at him also because of his age. Get him to play without a mic so people don’t know, and maybe share the account with him. That way if people are being all “kewl” and sending a kid hate mail you can just get on and fadc into metsu hadouken after their ninth missed srk lol. Although he has 4 thousand bp so I imagine he can so this, Also, play it with him!! Versus is so much better than online! Nobody wants to sit there and be berated by some asshat who lives in between the couch cushions 24 7.
Plus there’s no lag. Though honestly in my weak amount of sf4 experience I abrely gget ANY lag.Sf4-ass dsp Foos don’t know whut they be talkin bout! /airplane reference.

Young kids aren’t at tournies because: no car, no license, parents are UBER protective and wont let them out of the neighborhood unless they go with. Also the USA barely has any arcades anymore so it’s not like they can just go up to the mall like back even a couple of years ago. My mall has one, but no fighting games. Gets pretty regular traffic too, but could use a good cleaning. The origianl owners quit on it I think.
The old tilt used to have Hokuto no Ken and a bunch of Tekken machines, I think metal slug, pool, even a brand new tek5 and SVC.
Jungle rapids hasn’t been updated since 05. Because in the early part of this decade online wasn’t as huge. Waaah. I want arcades back. /rant.

Turn off notifications, dont read hatemail. Simple.

This is true, even though it was only 2, I saw 2 13 year old kids at a tourney I went to last month. Granted, one was wearing a cast and yet somehow thought it’d still be a good idea to enter. He was mashing hard on his joystick.

Tell him to be unique and stop using Ryu. If he’s got the basics down now he can move on.
Hell, it pisses me off whenever I see a Ryu every second match I enter too. I can understand why he gets so much hatemail.

buses FTW

and usually when they’re teenagers, parents aren’t over protective anymore. if anything, parents just want them to get out of the house instead of sitting in front of the TV all day

all of a sudden, i’m feeling old:sad:

If people hate you then you must be doing something right.

just tell him hes gay

Haha, I’m pretty sure I remember playing your bro’s tag while training up some secondaries.

I never send hatemail, though, so no worries.

Tell him that the fact that he’s getting hatemail means that he’s doing things right. He should strive to beat up people so badly that they rage.