...13 years on SRK

This is my second account but I’ve been visiting these forums since 2000. I must say that we’ve matured not only as a forum but as a community as well. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. We have dont alot as a people and aint nobody can hold us down. I originally visited this site through a link on fighters.net (remember this site?) while looking for Alpha 3 combos. I was a scrub back then and thought that beating the computer on hardest difficulty would make me an expert, but then I saw the A3 combo exhibition on the homepage and what I thought about fighting games changed forever. Forever? Forever ever.

I just want to thank you guys for a wonderful 13 years. Thanks to SRK I made a lot friends from my local scene and I impressed a lot of people because of the combos and strats I learned from this site. I also lost my virginity because of this site.

Some of my favourite memories:

  • Relentless bashing of new posters. Especially intro threads.
  • Gaia Online
  • Big Smile Time Reviews
  • When that one guy got sonned
  • Bloofy
  • Act like you know.

need more big smile tyme reviews :coffee:

we da best

y’all getting old as hell >:-|

lol jk <3

That troll thread he made in FGD was godlike. Even after people said he was trolling it didn’t stop mad people from falling for it. People from Smash forums were pissed as hell even though he did his “analysis” on a bunch of different games.

ah yes, i do miss diifii and his big smile time reviews haha.

This is my second account as well. My first Jion_Wansu account got deleted. SNAAAAKE remember the scrubs ov CVS2 on XBL? Jason Blackman or some shit like that

What the fuck, I just stopped by here for A3 Gief strats. Biggest time sink ever.

Second account here as well. Mostly lurking since busy with work and college. Got bunch of lols with gaia, the one that was sonned and master akuma videos.

Second account I’ve had on here, I miss Polarity trolling and TS posting all the time :frowning:

SRK > fighters.net > GPOW :coffee:


Nothing has been quite as good here since Polarity left/was banned the final ban.

Remembering his avatar of Goku sucking his name like a schlong still cracks me up.

Do you remember how to do Gief’s OTG V-ism combo? I forgot how to do it.


Original 2000 member then got banned by @akumachan then she fell in love with my charisma… i jago kicked her an took her job… told her to go home an be a family woman<3

Wheelchair Hotties (between @million and a few other of our favorite ‘pervs’ i have never cried laughing so hard)

Some of the greatest avatars ever… dont care what you say it got to point where I identified folks BY their avatar an if it changed it was a issue lmaooo

Son Them All

Great stories to be told from tournaments before the stream/social media craze. the good ol results thread which included shout outs, ggs, and hell to pay for losing… all in the spirit of competition! None of this ego driven bullshyt today

GD was the hangout after ARGUING POINTS OF STRATEGY/PLAY STYLE in the other sections…not just gossip

My favorite moments…

YeahDood120 and the Avatar Battle Contests…
Those were good.

Another thread for this shit?

Word, this is just a website doods, not a fucking job. You aint gonna get pension after putting in 20 years on here.

If old people want to reminisce… Let them… They’ve probably lost their hair, balls, and children by now…
Let them hold on to that which is sacred.

I’ve been meaning to post this for weeks. I think the Cannons were getting tired of me asking how to get one of these shirts.