(12/7) CLIMB THOSE RANKS! AI Street Fighter IV Tournament Results

LiveTwitter feed from Arcade Infinity:

**Videos go in here…soon.

45-man bracket! Biggest SF4 tournament yet!

Official Results
1st Paul
2nd gootecks
3rd Ronstoppable
4th moval
5th Eric
5th bustabust
7th bebop
7th kai

9 Sanchez
9 Edma
9 Viscant
9 Shogo
13 Tatsujinken
13 JO50
13 CSB
13 juggernaut
17 Pherai
17 Mark
17 Juan (fm)
17 Shoo
17 Marcus
17 johnny
17 Luka
17 n0thingman
25 keno
25 Lovepig
25 ironfist
25 bullet
25 jack
25 tony
25 SHGLbmx
25 ryan
33 Jared
33 Kryojenix
33 dann
33 matt (Forfeited)
33 dale
33 Mt SAC Kid
33 MYK
33 machina
33 felix (Forfeited)
33 carlos
33 SDCT (Forfeited)
33 Mike Ross
33 Chai**

Current results:"****

Great turnout!!! Great tourney!!!

GGs to everyone I played today, and great seeing my friends! I know I don’t come often to where you guys hang, but I’ll try more often…UNTIL the next time!

well gg’s all! it was amazing. thanks to everyone getting hype during my matches/helping me out (Bebop this goes to you!) Definately was one of the best tournies i have played EVER. i can’t wait for the next AI tourny!

Paul needs a handle, or at least a last name.

good shit 45-people for a singles tournament

HUGE TURNOUT (cuz i was only expecting 16 people to show today)

good shit to everyone.

Glad to see you moving up in the world Mike.

Who beat Ed?

45 entrants! Glad the scene keeps growing.

Good Shit to everyone.

Hopefully I can make it to one of these one day.

Wow, absolutely amazing experience. GGs to all those I played.

Luscious Luka, most amazing name ever. Thanks for the Abel schooling. I have learned well. Would love to get another look at that sometime =D
Thank you also for a quote that will live with me forever and I think sums up the night for me: WHERE’S MAH JUICE?!

damn look at the competition…thats a lotta heads

cant wait for vids!! i usually refer to Paul as the “Beast”

bustabust sent edma to losers in round one

he got eliminated in losers by eric (using guile)

actually round two, ed had a bye first round. close match though, down to the wire! it was the first “moment” if you will that i have had in sf4 hah.

definitely awesome match, too bad we didnt get it on video.
didnt you have a bye in round 1 bustabust? if so it was both you guys’ first match

nah i played a blanka player first not sure who exactly.

Sorry about duckin out like that. Last min call on Family Obligations.

Man…I have a long way to go. Thanks to everyone that helped me out for my first outing, Luka Scott and Busta first come to mind, cause I was nervous as hell first going up first and embarrassed walking off seconds later. But everyone was really cool, helped me out a lot, and was very friendly considering I’m walking that fine line from beginner to whatevers just beyond it. Gotta learn more.

And yes Gootecks, I will try to make it more than 3 times a week now if that’s what it takes. Hopefully after finals though. Thanks for the advice.

dont sweat it chai, you’re abel right? i remember you actually did pretty well against ed ma in losers! took one round and got close in third! thats no easy feat

thats the attitude man!! i suck too! we should level up together ahahha

Yea I had no idea that was Ed…Still really new to the community. I was honestly shocked that I even got that round cause I’ve been really playing off the seat of my pants. The simplest execution for me is sometimes hard in SF4, even Ryu’s SRK for some reason. But yes, I do hope to start my competitive SF playing with 4.

My most memorable highlights of the tourney:

Ross playing marvel to make himself feel better about being eliminated.

Playing and winning my first two matches with a wicked hangover.

Bebop’s victory pose.

Sanchez screaming “GARBAGE!!!”

Being stalked by crazy smelly homeless kid who wanted me to give him a ride home.
(god I hope he doesn’t read this. Hahaha.)

And last but not least… All the tips and advice from Gootecks Ross moval and everyone else I failed to mention!!!

Ps. Dunder Mifflin for life!!!

Afterwards I felt like slitting my wrists.

Fuck you combofiend you fucking faggot hahaha. Come see me in the PIT homey hahahahah…FUCK MY LIFE

Thank You A.I

Wow! Thanks everyone for holding another great tournament at A.I !

It was great seeing everyone again…I had tons of fun (as always)

Good job Bustabust! All that practice paid off :wink:

Gootecks & Ron makes me wanna play boxer better…Im so jealous :sad:

Paul was solid all the way thru the whole tournament…Im suprised he hasn’t gone out and played in more sf4 tournaments…congrats on taking it tonight dude!

I havent seen Marcus in forever! Good to see you again dude!

Cleft feet + Bebop = :lovin:

Moar 3s tournys plz!

I hope to see you guys at the Cali Regional Quals tournament this Saturday! SoCal needs a badass SF4 team to rep against NorCal’s SF4 team :woot:

West West Y’all ! :wgrin: