11/15/08 SF4 @ University Pinball tournament results

1st. Julian Robinson- blanka/Bison/gief
2nd. Kaliek aka WARRIOR- blanka/bison
3rd. Demon Hyo- blanka/chun li
4th. Ren- gief
5th. One- Ken
7th (tied) Dave- Ryu and C viper and Dr. Chaos- Ken

We had a good turnout for the first tournament. (24 people) I must say it went really well and I’m glad everyone showed up. I hope all of you had fun and will come out to the next sf4 tournament I can get going at the arcade sometime next month. The competition level there was intense, everyone definitely came to win and there were tons of good matches. Dr Chaos recorded what he could, but his sd card wasn’t big enough to record like every match. He will put up what he can on youtube when he gets a chance.

There were too many godlike matches to name them all.
Me vs warrior in the losers finals will go down in the ages haha! That man does not know the meaning of QUIT haha. Legendary shit…
Ren’s gief is GODLIKE and One definitely has the best ken right now in Philly.

Warrior vs julian is like who has the most patience lol! Timeout masters!

How long did the tourney run for? I went outside to call someone and decided to just leave before I fell asleep at the arcade :looney:

I only had two reason for staying that long on Saturday and I got screwed out of both of them. I wanted a rematch with steve who left. And because my next match was with brandon whose chun li is so godlike he won’t bring her out in casuals.

so right before my match I find out steve already left so even if I win I can play him again. and then after one game Brandon takes out chun li and starts using Blanka. At that point i was like fuck it I’m going home.


i heard bryheem would have guaranteed top 2 if he went to this. heard the only person with a chance to beat him is julian.


im in the process of putting the matches on youtube. i will post the hyperlinks to the matches once i get them on there.

I thought the tourney ran well for the amount of people who showed up. And i was really surprised at the turnout, lots of really good competition. Philly is where it’s at for sf4

I’m such a scrub :shake:

-I should have part of the grand finals up tonight or tomorrow. Battery died midway through so I only have 12 mins. I’mma try and get a couple 16gb sd cards and bring my laptop next time, so I could get most/all them down. PLural if you want to upload them to the youtube account I made “40tharcade” the password is philadelphia, if not its ok.

-I think we should try and do a tourney twice a month, since they put it to 50 cent now. Just start it earlier :karate:

the tournament went through really well imo, i thought it was run really well and efficiently. I’d like to see two more tournaments before console release. it was a blast really.

lol… :wgrin: Yea it sucks that steve had to leave… I think he had something he had to take care of.

On another note: I’m glad everyone liked the tournament and since it’s so much good feedback… I’ll definitely try to run another one as well. I’d like to thank Matt for making and running the brackets for me, and dr.chaos for the recording. I know one guy said next time he’s bringing a tripod and going to set it up so he can record the entire tournament, but I don’t have a contact with him. And yea, dr.chaos those 16gb cards definitely sound like a good idea.

Also, next time I will start it earlier and yes, having it on 2 rounds instead of 3 will definitely make it run faster. Glad the game is on 50cents now… good shit.

tried goin to this. couldnt make it. dont think ill find another arcade tourney on free play and free play for casuals afterwards. gs to all who placed.

I can’t wait for this game to come out so we can see some big turnouts at C3 and other regular local tourneys. I say 40+ people for first C3 SFIV tournament.

The tourney was off the hook even tho I wasn’t in it.:amazed:

Nobody is seeing the top Philly players in sf4 bring them all and they will fall.

most of the new players don’t know how Julian and Kaliek play since they’re not there all the time. And even the regular who do play Blanka play him more aggressively I think people just need to learn how to be more patient.

The tournament was really nice. I definitely need more practice with Bison and Guile. Guile has way too many special normals!:looney:

good shit brandon for running this hope their are more to come.

side-note= sorry for running out i had a family emergency after my match i had to take care of otherwise i would of stayed

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback once again. I’ll definitely try to do another one sometime in December after NEC. And personal matters come first so it’s cool… I understand.

I had alot of fun and would def come to the next one

I posted another tournament for decemeber, go check it out.

-Here goes what I have of the grand finals, plural you can upload them to this account to if you want. Password is :philadelphia

-What I did was just convert the vids from avi to wmv with windows movie maker, avi takes a century to upload on youtube for some reason.