11/15/08 SF4 @ University Pinball tournament results

Sorry it took so long for me to get these videos, i had a lot of trouble getting them on youtube, so i used my laptop camera and an external monitor to record the recordings lol. here the links r:
Plural v Bo: [media=youtube]RvhVDNUG1zg[/media]
Comeback v Jason Min: [media=youtube]MgUtzNmGHuk[/media]
Julian v Warrior: [media=youtube]PLk5mlIEtmA[/media]
Ren v Red Coyo: [media=youtube]tWE3NTWxGFE[/media]
Demon Hyo v Warrior part1: [media=youtube]tUAWNnf8WNQ[/media]
Demon Hyo v Warrior part 2: [media=youtube]HYmmV3Ec3XM[/media]

Thanks plural for uploading those vids. I finally see where I screwed up in that match. I was jumping in way too much!:shake: Well, I’ll probably be over there this saturday playing some more, so I guess I’ll see whoever there. I think it was a great decision to change the machine to 50 cents and 2/3 rounds.:smile: