10 years ago today G4 mergerd with Techtv


And what could have and should have been the greatest channel ever turned out worst then we could have imagined

I was thinking why would someone make a thread for this, then I read the comment :rofl:

Too bad Cops and Cheaters were the greatest thing to happen to the channel.


And still after 10 years nobody cares.

10 years ago I stopped watching G4

Ermahgerd :coffee:

Cops and cheaters? Its all about campus PD.

Mr Octopus confirmed GOAT Ninja Warrior :china:

this was all a giant bait thread. no one replies to abk for good reason.

I was a member of the G4 Forums for eight straight years, making some of the best friends I’ve ever made in my life. That forum made me who I am today.

Rest in peace G4 forums, rest in pieces G4 channel. You were never quite the same after Judgment day and Anime Unleashed went off the air.

Leaves flowers and a Golden Mullet trophy and leaves

My favorite tech tv moment. LMFAO!!!

Tech Tv guy breaks one of a kind item!

My favorite G4 babe, and pretend nerd/gamer.


Why did the internet hate her again? I guess i never understood. I mean, i stopped watching back when xplay was still on, and id tune in to watch late night anime now and then. I missed most of olivia munn, and all of sara underwoods reign, outside of clips on youtube years later. But yeah, i never caught as to why olivia munn was so hated by guys on the internet. Was it just nerds feeling insecure that they could never get with someone like her?


I’m sorry, the correct answer was “Who is Olivia Mun?”.

God damn it, my bro had to hook up and marry with an Asian hybrid broad that looks very much like her. I can’t think about her to masturbate, so it was pretty much Morgan Webb and Kat Schwartz for me. Oh, and that lil blonde chick. She’d get it too.


Not gonna lie, I really don’t like that girl, but damned if I wouldn’t bend it over and spike it in that .gif. :coffee:


To Manx, I think the blonde chick was Alison Haislip right?

I thought he was talking sara underwood.


This classic too, when he just couldnt stop laughing. Son nerded out like crazy. looool

Call For Help - Chris Pirillo Loses It! - Full Blooper!

Screensavers was THE shit. And that show they did on sarurday mornings was poppin. You could actually call in and voice your opinions to the hosts or whatever developers were guests. We need that shit back.

G4tv.com it was named. Before Geoff Keighley popped off.

As soon as they started doing “joke reviews” their credibility to a nosedive for me. I really was on the fence about Crisis Core and I got trolled by a TV network.