1 frame link combos

Why is it so hard to link up the c.short, c.short, c.jab ,c.forward to fireball?
I have been practicing for months and can never get this out on a regular basis. What do I need to look for or how do you guys know when its time to press the button. I get stuck between c.jab to c.foward.

Also with the forward fierce to c.fierce uppercut to fierce shoryuken like daigo. Any tips would be great. I practice like a hour a day on this and I just can’t do it. Only way is turning on the turbo button, haha. Just pisses me off when I miss the link.

any and all links… practice on autoblock. Do a jab, then do the forward. If it doesn’t come out, do it slower. If it is blocked, do it faster. Solar plexus strike to crouching fierce I plink to make it easier but I practiced it the same way. I hold down forward for the crouching fierce because then you only need to do down, down forward fierce again for the shoryu.
You can’t use a visual cue for this type of shit IMO… you are trying to do something with 1/30th second precision. It has to be 100% muscle memory.

yea its rough. I get it out like once to twice a match but never 100% like I wish.

Yea you can. For SPS, I watch for Ryu to start pulling his arm back.

I listen for sound but plinking plays a big part in my game. At first I couldn’t get one frame links until I started plinking and my execution has been a lot better lately

Yes, practice plinking or double tapping. One frame links are very difficult to perform consistently without one of these methods.

  • About c.short, c.short, c.jab ,c.forward. Just drop that, it’s worthless.

Useful links for Ryu are the following :

cr.lk, cr.lp > SRK
cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.lp > SRK / frame trap with cr.mk > hadouken
cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.hp > Tatsu / Ex Tatsu /
cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.mp > Tatsu on standing opponents / Ex Tatsu / hadouken

Some pokes, since cr.mp is pretty descent.

cr.mp > cr.mk
cr.mp > cr.mp

  • About Solar plexus combos

First of I’d recommend you just try SP into cr.lp, it’s a 2 frames link just as cr.lp into cr.mp. You’ll get the momentum on when to press that button, like sakeido said it’s 100% visual memory based.
From there you can p-link into cr.mp or cr.hp, the timing will be the same.

I think the best way to practice is the following, in the training room:

put the character on auto block and take stun off.

Crossup with j.mk > c.lk xx c.lp > hp.srk

I’m telling you, if you master this basic combo you will win so many more matches. I am still learning and mastering combos that are more complex but if you leanr that combo, and you learn to hit confirm, you will never wiff an srk, which is a common way to eat a 500 dmg combo.

If they block the j.mk and they mash srk then learn from it and punish them the next time, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been down to a splinter of health and hit confirmed that combo into ultra and won, or continuously applied pressure with that crossup string until I forced a mistake.

Hit confirming is more important that any combo because you can play aggressive and safe at the same time.

what is plinking? how do i practice that?

Check this thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=186686 It’ll tell you all about plinking.

Thanks guys for all the help and quick responses

This. You’ve been practicing a useless combo. It’s only good for when you forget to do something else or as a block string or frame trap. If you already connect a cr short, cr jab just do cr hp xxx tatsu or even just a srk.

whoa p linking looks crazy to do, I will try this and see how it works. Didn’t get a chance to practice it yet.

yea plinking is hard, but i can see how the punches come out faster when its done properly. one of the reasons why I practice that combo above is because I tend to mash the short and jabs when I am upclose. I need to stop mashing. I see how plinking can also help the solar plexus combo come out. Looks like a week of training or so to do

It’s not totally useless. The cr.MK link is great if you started the combo from further away and cr.HP would whiff.

Yea that is one of the reasons, because I tend to push them away too far sometimes.

Might be longer than just a week, haha.

Anyways, you might want to try double tapping as well. I actually find it easier, but its all preference. Plinking is must for pad players though as I can’t see how they can double tap all the buttons.

Check out this video to see what I mean: [media=youtube]QD8VgZLbUJo[/media]

That’s not what he listed he was doing. He said low short, short, jab. If you are in close enough to connect short short jab you could have just done short jab low fierce .

My mistake. I didn’t think anyone used double shorts. :smile:

yea you are right digital,
I have cut down on the crappy combos.
I only do jab or short, jab, f.dp. And still working on the sps,c.fierce into fierce dp
Also trying to do the c.mp to c.fierce p