1/13 Tokyo SBO CVS2 Qualify results

SBO qualifys are almost half way done.
There’re still so many of CVS2 ranking battle top rankers who didn’t qualify yet.
Here’s the result of the tourney:

SBO CVS2 qualify @ Treasure Island (44 people)
1st: Daigo Umehara (C-Sagat/Guile/ChunLi2) - Qualified
2nd: Nama-Meso (P-Rock/Rugal/Iori2) - Qualified
3rd: Dan (C-Ryu/Ken/Sagat2) - Not qualified

Hilights: Daigo is back.:slight_smile: He faced to current ranking battle champ Morikawa(A-Blanka/Bison/Hibiki) @ first round. It was close match, but Daigo beat him with using C-grv’s full abilities. @ semi-final, he faced another good A-grv player, but Daigo’s anti-A was so good and never let anyone to perform custom combo until full meter expiration. 2nd placer is also top ranker of Chiba’s ranking battle who beat Dan and qualified.

Also, during this weekend, Shiro qualified @ Nagoya, Tsu-Bal qualified @ Chiba, and You qualified @ Osaka.

Most of the ‘supposed to be’ qualifiers came to the final, but former national champion Ohnuki didn’t show up to CVS2 qualify yet… What he has in his mind?

Uh oh…Daigo’s qualified…and what are these anti A-Groove strategies that you talk of, Kuni?

Well that’s that.

wow dan didn’t qualify, surprising.

who’s the 2nd place guy?

Well, Daigo is back. That’s always nice to hear. And as GeekBoy did ask, what are these anti-A tricks you speak of? I know that some chars with RC’s become much worse against C-Groove (ex. A-Sak vs. anyone in C-groove with full meter is REALLY hard for Sak). Maybe Daigo just DP’ed every single activation :slight_smile:

GeekBoy: There’s a couple of things people can do… they just don’t always do them on casual as much. Blank jump in, then dash back usually leads to people missing anti-air customs. Rolling out when people start customs is also pretty good. There’s a lot of stuff. But there ARE ways around them too. It’s pretty much lucky guesses, really.


Just out of curiosity, but how does Daigo use Guile?

Cause hardly anyone uses Guile in CvS2 here in the states now-a-days. :frowning:

Daigo’s my hero. The “God of SF” is back!

the SBO is going to be interesting.

And especially now that Daigo is back it is also going to be pretty one-sided.

“going to be pretty one-sided”

uhhh what are you talking about? :confused:

yeah, 60 or so of japans best cvs2 players and 2 of ours… i wonder what he could be talking about? :rolleyes:

Dead Last ?

Dead sounds about right. :lol:

we goona get rocked it’s goona be a long trip back home

Kuni is there going to be video of Super Battle Opera available to players in the US?

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Can’t stop laughing at your av…

yeah ok jaha av biter.

Damn the only thing most people know about daigo was some 20 yr old A3 video before people learned to do VCs right. Just a short while ago he was running into K groove supers and now he’s the SF god giving the US no hope. lol.

get it right, it was C-groove supers

it’s not just daigo tho, tokido and the other japanese pretty much ass-rammed the US at EVO. And now we go to japan to play the tokyo locals who might be even crazier?

i give US a chance, just not a good one. Choi will do well hopefully. But the odds aren’t great, single-elim tourneys bite, you need luck to win.

You need skill to win. With double elim, you get a second chance. Double chances means double the luck. Single elim forever!!!