1/13 Tokyo SBO CVS2 Qualify results

Daigo is the best SF player of ALL TIME…mofo is too cheesy!!

I think Anti A-groove means Daigo’s turtling the bullshit out of them…turtle, turtle, air-block, builds meter in no time, damaging combo from a poke, counter attack a-groov’s all day cuz c-groove builds meter like crap…with level 3 super, the match turns to turtle town usa, and c-groove wins any turtle match…


heh Im glad Daigo won with Guile, I’ve been tellin american players since day one that guile is still top tear. But see around here if japan doesnt do it, then its not good. So now that Daigo has won with guile, watch all the new guile players that will spawn up out of nowhere. I shall kill all newbie guiles for being bandwagoners muahahah!!


Watch out jpn here comes the UnderRated Brotha!


ps. Hey Kuni, are you going to take us to some clubs in Japan? I wanna meet all the cute japanese girls!!! heheh :slight_smile:

yo put me on the list for a tape! not for the matches, i wanna see Cole walk on some cat after a victory! Cali’s coolest playa.

Yeah, cuz my av has a car slappin some bitch. Isn’t that your mom in Jaha’s av?

i got more 4s and 9’s then a deck of cards

Go to Lexington Queen and… heh… 7th Heaven.