1.02 patch is up for PSN

The patch is now available on PSN, but it can also play with people who do not have the patch… we’ll see how this goes tonight…


I just downloaded it. I’m trying to test it out now

Raiden/Elizabeth glitch has been fixed.

i am playing with a red connection and there is almost no lag


Ok I just played with the updated patch. I had no slowdown whatsever:tup:. The person I played had a shitty connection so it was a little lag but not as much as the previous patch. Its was a better improvement than the previous patch:rock:. you could actually see a difference.

had a couple of games, it’s ok.

I’m in UK and not played the game at all since the day of release, so i suck…but it’s night and day compared to the last try i had

It still seems bad to me though I’ve only played on yellow bar connections so far. I’m gonna give up soon.

word is you can still play with people who do not have the patch. bleet played some games and said it was very very nice.

You do know you can play with people that haven’t had the patch. You have to give some hours or so for the stragglers who were playing before the patch. Weird I know, but the game is a lot more stable.

I’ll try again in a few hours then.

only other thing of note I’ve found about the patch is that it restores your options to default (so if you had japanese voices on will go back to english, if you had difficulty set on easy will go to normal etc)

oh, and you still can’t back out of the character select screen and return to title -_-

would someone please check if the joe and chin infinites are gone? i don’t know how to perform them so I can’t check

also was there a stage select in training mode before? I’m probably just noticing things I didn’t before like the last patch and thinking they are new tho lol

just play with someone you know has the patch

meh…I’m in the same boat as tiagol…I don’t really see any improvement in the online but I’ve only been playing yellow bar so far…

How about two people who have the patch play each other in player matches. If everything is smooth, add another person in the lobby to see what effects it has. I wonder how the netcode handles a lobby of 6 or 8 players.

Also, if anyone can try clan battles and let us know how the lag is, it would be much appreciated.


no matter how good the patch is there still will be bad connections here and there, theres nothing anyone can do to fix that. (I’m sure you’ve all had laggy 5 bar matches in street fighter from time to time). so no need to worry if you only played like 1-2 matches with it, especially since prob not everyone has the patch yet.

Thats one thing I like about XBL, it forces everyone to patch the game whenever you log on to your console.

It’s smoother but input delays are killing it. Played it with a friend who lives about 25 miles from where I do. I’ll give it a few more tries later on when everyone gets it but eh. We will see.

Maybe XBL will be better.

Damn…game moves TOO fast now. It’s like trying to play super turbo on 3 stars. I can’t keep up.

Yeah that was always there.

I just played a few matches and it’s way better and matches are playing more like “KOF” now. To be honest, I’m more than happy with it.

I didn’t notice any interface tweaks, so if I’m watching my two buddies play a match, there’s no way to get out except to watch till the end.

It’s much faster and smoother now, however, on my end there was some input lag. It wasn’t gamebreaking or even really bad, but it can affect things like anti-air, air-to-air, and quick responses. You need to be a few frames ahead, kind of like playing a fighting game offline but on a TV with a bit of noticeable lag (but it seems to affect attacking more than moving).

I’m a guy with sloppy inputs, and the input lag affects me in that… sometimes I input stuff while I’m in block or hit stun. Well, some of those things I input in block or hit stun will come out when I recover because of the input lag.

Honestly, I like the way it’s playing. I won’t say it’s perfect, but you can really play the game online well now. The only catch is that you have to time some things earlier and in some cases where you might have been sharp to react (or slow to react but just in time, really), you might have to push yourself to guess a little more or commit early anyways.

But the bottom line is that this game is very playable online now and matches do go by fast (no more 8 minute matches unless it is truly our faults).


yeah I noticed some input lag as well. It depends on how good your connection is. I’m going to give it a try again tomorrow