05/16/09 Play N Trade NYC Ranbat #3 for SF4

Hosted by Chocolate Lemon

Hey everyone, thanks to Play N Trade NYC, they decided to let us use their venue to keep the SF4 community alive in NYC. So in order to keep it more alive and make it grow, for the next 6 months there will be a series of ranbat. We would like to have 2 ranbats per month and this will depend on dates due to heavy tournaments that are being hosted throughout the year. And the top 8 people with the most “Chocolate Lemon” points will go into a final 8 play off to win the overall Play N Trade prize which is to be determined. It will be a good prize.

But the top 3 winners of each ranbat will be receiving store credit based on tournament entries. Each entrant is 10 Chocolate Lemon Points. So if there was 10 people, there would be 100 Chocolate Lemon points to be passed out for the top4. Placers that are 5th and below will only get one point each. So if there were 10 players, there would $150 Play N Trade store credit which will be divided into 70/20/10 percentage to top 3. Obviously more entrants = more store credit.

As you can see, this is the current results

  1. Andre - 243.9 CLP
  2. Rahsaan -120 CLP
  3. NerdJosh - 107.5 CLP
  4. Arturo - 85 CLP
  5. Mariodood - 30.1 CLP
  6. javitz - 11.9 CLP
    everyone else has 1-2 point.

So good luck to everyone for the 2nd ranbat and fight for the seed for ECT and also for the secret grand prize at the end of the ranbat!!!

Soooo here are the rules.

Street Fighter 4

System - Xbox 360
Controllers- BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller)
2 out of 3 double elimination
3 out of 5 winner finals/loser finals/grand finals

Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

entry fee: $10

prizes: Store credit depending on the entrants. 70/20/10

Plan N Trade? -
137 E 13th St, New York, NY? - (212) 674-0200?

When - Pre Reg at 12 Starts at 1 - 130pm

And also there will be times where I will not be present to run the tourney but Phire who basically got us this deal will do the running of the tournament and of course recording the matches!!! YAY PHIRE

Comments/feedback/suggestions please post.

  1. Phire.
  2. Andre
  3. Philski
  4. Stadic
  5. Fermbiz
  6. Sintroz
  7. coreycasanova
  8. buyproduct
  9. royallance
  10. shinto
  11. mariodood
  12. nerdjosh
  13. kyori
  14. juddermang
  15. juddz
  16. dafeetlee
  17. eggiris
  18. andrew88
  19. shinryuken
  20. chozobeast
  21. arturo
  22. gran calc
  23. infinite
  24. monkeybeer.
  25. biscuits
  26. evil rahsaan
  27. ironball
  28. tinshi

Hey Phire its phil from bifuteki.com

Ill be down to go - how was the turn out for Saturday’s tourney?

Lets do it.

Im down. Cant wait to check it out

I will attend to this one, probably gonna buy a stick this weekend and what not. Sintros officially jumped ship, left ssbb and went to sf4

cmon people SF4 IS THE BEST!!! Get these CL points

I want in now!

Mark me down as present.

How’s this possible if ECT is 2 weeks before this tournament?

Count me in.

In it…

This will be the third ranbat. Andre did well enough in the first 2 that he won the quaulifying seed. Justin just cut and paste the same post he uses whenever he announces one of these.


I’m in, this’ll be my first ranbat. Hopefully I’ve improved enough to actually get points.

sup bitches i will be there. also if arturos not there i will win. (if he is there i will be put in his belly)

Watch out for trains.

I hope you eat your words.

I live in Yonkers so I might show up for this. So as a newcomer I can just get there and pre-reg and be entered? Will sticks be allowed?

5$ mm?

From the tone of your post on srk I always imagined you to be some brolic dude covered in tats. It was shocked when I saw you in person. Sick bison, though.

Ill mm you just so that I can get some practice playing a sick sagat. I need to level up.