Zune HD

Anyone else here interested in this new media device from MS? I bought a PS3 Slim recently from Amazon and didn’t even open the box (two weeks now). I’m going to return the Slim and use that money towards a zune HD and xbox360 combo.

I already own a zune 120, zune 4gb 2nd gen, and an ipod touch. I’ll give my gf the 120 (she already owns the touch). Also, I have the zune marketplace which is kind of neat.

Guess not too many people are interested in the zune HD here???

I have the zune120 and i lilke it. I’m interested in the zune hd, but i really hate the software used to sync songs onto the zune. I have duplicate songs and its hard to remove songs.

I had a Zune 30 until a few months ago, it was alright I guess.
My biggest problem with it was the Zune software, absolutely horrible and it’d drop my id3 tags all over the place. That and when syncing, I could only do it two or so gigs at a time or my zune would overheat and restart D:

Also, where the hell is my unicode support microsoft? Until they a.)let me use other software or fix the Zune software and b.)Add unicode support, I’m afraid i’m staying very far away.

Software really hasn’t been a serious issue for me ever since I signed up on zune markeplace pass. I dl all my music from marketplace and the tags are there for me. I’ve also used a tag editing software to tag all my music pre-zune.

I’m sure itunes has some issues as well. the catch for me is how will it integrate with the xbox 360.

A: ‘drop’ the tags… ? Something else should be going on there. ID3 v2.4? That’s not supported, since it’s a fustercluck. ID3 v2.3 is your friend.

B: That sounds like faulty hardware - may be out of warranty, but – my 30GB is still going strong.

C: Are you referring to Unicode display on the device for non-English characters? Happier?

I also have a Zune 120. I had a 30 and I upgraded. No sense in me getting another Zune player but I do like the new 30 gb HD version. Now if there was a 120 gb HD Zune…

You won’t see 120gb HD Zune for a loooong time, how much would 120gb of flash cost right now? $500?