ZONE (-sama/-tan) Appreciation Thread | Next up is Agent Xero/Lacey Shadows from The Modifyers

This thread is only for discussion & updates of his material.

If you’re looking for something use PMs to handle that.

I’ll keep the thread bumped whenever a worthwhile update happens.


All the updates so far.


My personal faves.

Would fap to again.


Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends│Frankie Foster
My Life As A Teenage Robot│Jenny Wakeman
Teen Titans│Jinx, Raven & Starfire
Teen Titans│Raven [1]
Teen Titans│Raven [2]
Teen Titans│Starfire

Flash Games
Azumanga Daioh│Sakaki-san
FLCL│Haruhara Haruko (Version 1.5a)
Ghost in the Shell│Major Motoko Kusanagi
The Legend of Zelda│Midna
Natsume 2

Interactive Animations
Azumanga Daioh│Kagura
Cowboy Bebop│Faye Valentine
Dominion Tank Police│Unipuma
Esurance│Erin Esurance
Johnny Test│Mary Test & Susan Test
Lucky Star│Konata Izumi
Naruto│Sakura Haruno
One Piece│Nico Robin
Street Fighter│Juri Han (Version 1.0a)
Vocaloid│Hatsune Miku

Ok :tup:

Wow. Fanboy much?

I don’t really find Zone’s material arousing, but it is entertaining to see how much effort he puts into copying the respective styles of the things he parodies.

I think Zone-tan should be a guest character in a fighting game.

You god damn right I’m a fanboy. :pray:

I wonder what direction this thread will take, provided the man in topic and that this is in GD. Anyway, not everything he makes is fappable, but the man knows his fuckin flash (all puns intended).

This would be better off in the Hentai thread


That exists? Since when?

It needs more love

I thought Zone was a chick?

That won’t stop you. but I will leave your thoughts on Kayo policing for others to go find.

Nah, I think ZONE is popular enough to have a thread of it’s own.

The only other H-Flash artist that I’ve seen make something on his level is Stamper on that C. Viper x Guile scene in the Street Fighter Collab.

Doubt there’s anybody out there with a track record of putting out as much quality ish as him.

Buttercup Saiyan confirmed that he was a dude when they worked together on the Link x Midna flash together.

Natsume confirmed ZONE as a dude on more than one occassion.

Um, yeah, this isn’t a shitty anime porn site.

Maybe you should discuss your badly animated kiddie porn on a more progressive site.


Lol, the fact that this guy isn’t banned yet is a testament to how trash this site has become. Niggas too busy counting that advertising money to realize that their shit is being thrown under the bus.

You know there is a porn thread too, right? And a Hentai thread. I dont think this is much different but probably belongs in hentai thead.

You ever stop sayin real shit? I mean seriously, take a day off nigga…i can’t like every post you make…god damn, makin a nigga work with all these button clicks…

I’ve posted in both of those threads…

As I said.:

Bleach, Grappler Baki, Hajime no Ippo, Naruto & One Piece are all animes/mangas yet their threads are still open.

There are also 2 Phantasy Star threads that are both currently open.

If a mod thinks it doesn’t deserve it’s own thread then it’s whatever.

I organized the update info a bit.

Just in case it doesn’t get locked. :tup:

I was talkin to angelpalm bro. Just sayin this wouldn’t be the first time a topic of this nature is allowed to live.


Oh my bad.

I couldn’t tell.

Must’ve read this wrong. -_-