Zhi's Ultra experience

Zhi aka @Zhieeep cataloged his time with Capcom today as they demo’d Ultra. It’s all on his timeline here: https://twitter.com/Zhieeep

and here’s the abridged version if you’re too lazy to click:

-Delayed wake-ups confirmed, potentially ending the safe-jump vortex conundrum, potentially will have a different animation
-Double Ultra, does 60% damage
-Red Focus will crumple, even at level 1 when used as an EX-Cancel, opening up a host of new combo>Ultra intro’s
-There are 3 levels of Red Focus that can handle differing amounts of hits
-Red Focus costs 2 bars and is commanded by hitting MP+MK+any button.
-Red Cancels will cost 4 bars
-Hugo and Elena’s Ultras derive from their SFIII Super Arts
-Rolento’s Ultras carry over from SFxT (modified for balance)
-Poisons Ultras come from SFxT and Final Fight Revenge
-No new moves for old characters, lots of refinements
-More “Defensive options”
-The game is 65% complete, with the remaining 35% intended to be based on customer feedback at the location tests
-Arcade version slated for April

I’m really curious about the more defensive options bit…

It was just explanation for what has been done thus far. The devs felt that vortex aggression was too advantageous, and thus nerfs/system changes. Of course this fails to recognize how defensive AE is in that department already.

I see, wasn’t sure if he was hinting at something or what.

he mentions it a couple of times, but this was the best explanation he put
"producers felt Attackers had too much advantage in previous versions. They’ve given defensive players more tools now"

I don’t get that… I haven’t been playing the game long but it seems like people can already be extremely defensive if they choose to be. Objectively I am terrible though so…


Something important that’s been left out: how much does EX red focus cost? Surely it’s not only 2 bars like a regular EX focus?

It’s an entirely correct observation. It’s a bit wrong to say that the game is defensive or aggressive, rather, certain facets of the game are defensive and others are quite aggressive due to how system mechanics work and how the better characters have been built.

You could look at ST, for example, where the defensive system basically didn’t exist but the zoning character archetypes were very strong.
In SF4, the zoning archetypes are quite lackluster and rushdown ones are emphasized a lot. There’s even characters that just scoff at the traditional neutral game altogether. But in contrast, the upclose game is quite turtly due to system mechanics.

Then there’s a whole debate to be had as to whether the vortex is even too strong if unblockables are done away with. Because then you’re just left with mixups and a couple retardedly good buttons (Sak j.hp, which can be countered to an extent with jumpback fierce from shotos for example). The one thing most can probably agree on is that the current framekill jumpin timing type setups are pretty monotonous and opaque as to what they are meant to do - often you just need to go to training room to even know what the setup does as opposed to many traditional positioning-reliant traps that are highly visual.

As far as my tastes go, they should buff defense and nerf aggression which is what they’re doing, just in the exact opposite places from where I’d try to intervene.

the delayed standing could be a great addition to characters with slow reversals. the way cammy can hide behind her drill move its pretty ridiculous. the grand final for the canada cup this year was a good example.

Welp, there go all of Gen’s crossup oga shenanigans. lol

Also, I want to see a movie with the same title as this thread.

Honestly, Gen will be fine. Best focus in the game to benefit from redfocus, easy focus breaker with hands, top tiers footsies with crMP xx hands, stMK, stMP, etc.
The Oga shenanigans were cool looking and pretty damn hard to block somtimes but he’ll be okay in Ultra imo.

Zhi’s posts were translations of this:

I don’t think he actually got hands on time with Ultra.

Oh yeah, I have no doubt he’ll be fine, for the reasons you mentioned. The oga setups were just icing.

please keep the ultra discussion in the ultra thread.