Zhi, Worst commentator in FGC?

Just got done watching Infiltration vs Sako (TGU) and OH MY GOD is Zhi f***ing annoying! I had to get on the threads after a long time away just to vent about it! He tries WAY too hard and always ruins the matches. I no longer have to mute games since I’ve gotten good at blocking him out but you can never completely zone out that f***er. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way because youtube comments are generally the same whenever he’s on.

PLEASE don’t let this guy comment majors anymore and for the love of god don’t let him do EVO. His partner Xian on the other hand is awesome, super knowledgeable about matchups, has great insight into top players’ meta game and is just a likeable guy all around. Time to make the switch!

Its almost like there isnt a thread here for stream commentary. Or a thread about getting Zhi off commentary.

Didn’t see that thread, do you have a link? I’m not in the mood for digging around.

And since this is already an established issue and such a prolific one why is he showing up at more and more majors? Isn’t the community supposed to have a voice?

EDIT* Nevermind, found it

But it’s not an issue for the wast majority though, which you would find out if you read the other thread.

Here I’ll even scroll all the way down on the first page and dig out the link for you, cus that’s how nice of a guy I am. [forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/179869/we-need-to-get-zhi-off-commentary](We need to get zhi off commentary

Edit: you already found it ¬_¬

that’s not what I got from what I read, albeit it was just a skim. Pro-Zhi comments came off as unsubstantial and driven by follower mentality. All they had to say was “I like him” or “he’s good for the scene” without anything to back it up.

Regardless of what keeps us in the scene now (whether it be the hype, great-funny-ridiculous moments or just the community) I think I can safely say that it was the level of skill and gamesmanship that hooked most of us in the first place and Zhi detracts from that focus everytime he’s on.

ps-thanks for posting the link anyway

Since this is already established might as well go on? Wasn’t in the mood to move his eyes down a bit on the main SF4 section page? I mean you did not even have to scroll down… maybe just a little… damn… Mods please lock this… Zhi’s commentary is godlike…

I think we need another thread about how much DSP sucks too. Can’t go wrong with those.

Thanks for confirming my post right above yours - “Zhi’s commentary is godlike” with absolutely no context to go along with it

but I had my little rant, I leave the man’s fate to the fighting game gods…