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This Ain’t Kansas.

Lots of words, but pictures, too. The latest post is sort of a decade retrospective on superhero comics.


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You bitch enough here, why would I want to read more of it? WHY ZEPHY?!

I’ll check it out sometime this week >_>

I have to confess I still have not read The Authority. I will eventually track down the absolutes and the stormwatch trades that lead into them.

Ha X-Statix! Haven’t heard anything about that series for a long time now. Good stuff. I sure miss that book.

@ P.Giddy - If it’ll save you time, you can jump right into the Ellis/Hitch The Authority without having read StormWatch.

@ Sano - I’m curious what this “Doopsday” thing will be all about. Let me know if you hear any news about it.

Thanks for giving it a gander. What do you guys think have been the best new superhero books since The Authority burst onto the scene?

Isn’t the Madness Vest from Shade? I don’t want to complain, but that was a lot to digest in one sitting. We could probably discuss that single post for days based on the sheer amount of information included. Perhaps in the future you should break down your posts if you expect them to run that long. Ashamedly, I can’t really comment much more than that since I haven’t read a single entry in your list, although now I’d love to read them all. I was aware of most of those books, but you opened my eyes to a few new ones and I even learned a couple of new words. So thanks for that. There is definitely some excellent shit there, and I look forward to reading more of your unabashed and unfiltered commentary.

Yup, the Madness Vest is a Shade, the Changing Man thing.

I know, that post is a beast. I wrote it all up in a Word doc over a period of a couple weeks. I thought about posting one entry a day based on one title at a time, but I wasn’t sure how often I would be able to update and I really wanted to finish by the end of 2010. I also wanted to keep things organized and in alphabetical order, so I just kept it all together. That’s the main reason I put so many pictures into the thing. I figured that would make it easier to look at and for people to see what title I was writing about just by glancing through it. But definitely, in the future, I’m gonna try to avoid such ridiculously long posts. That thing is longer than almost everything I wrote at university.

Thanks for the feedback. Knowing your enjoyment of noir, I think you’d get some real enjoyment out of Powers and SLEEEEEEEEEEPER!!!1 (as we call it here on SRK) in particular, and maybe Codeflesh as well.

I read most of it yesterday, but my eyes started to kill me due to the distance, stark white background and small text. I’m going to be checking a few of these out, I’m pretty bad about looking for good comics that isn’t Marvel/DC, there is a lot of shit and then quite a few gems and most of this list seems killer.

Codeflesh and the comic with the alternate version of himself being a superhero are first on my list, and continuing Invincible again. I’m pretty behind on that series.

No problem. Yeah, I have no doubt I’d enjoy Powers, Sleeper and Gotham Central, but I’d also like to read Invincible, Umbrella Academy and pretty much anything Mike Allred was involved with. Of course, that’s just the stuff I’ve actually heard of. What I really want to check out is Codeflesh, mainly because I love Charlie Adlard and the story sounds promising. Ever since I saw The Empire Strikes Back and Jackie Brown, I’ve been obsessed with bounty hunters and bondsman.

@ AYO - Hmm, I kept the layout of the site simple and didn’t mess with the colors; just used a default template. Maybe I’ll experiment later and see if there’s anything easier on the eyes. If you enjoyed the Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire Justice League comics then I can pretty much guarantee that you’d dig Hero Squared.

@ carny - Yeah, I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy of Image’s new Codeflesh definitive edition HC, but it ain’t really cheap. The paperback from PlanetLar/AiT is only like $12.95, though.

My biggest concern with the Red Lantern title is that Atrocitus, as cool as he is, isn’t a terribly deep character to base a title around. Hell, it was only recently in GL #61 that we got a bit more of an insight into what really drives his rage. So in that respect, it’s like a double-edged sword. I don’t really see that title lasting very long, but as far as defining the character, Milligan pretty much has free rein to develop him as he sees fit. That is, if you don’t count the shitstorm of editorial mandates that are sure to follow.

I… had never even heard of Atrocitus until they announced the Red Lanterns thing.

yeah to tell you the truth I really dont like atrocitus or the spotlight being shone on him. When you explain mythology too much, it loses its magic, and I think that’s what Johns has done a little too much. I don’t want to know about the guy who killed abin sur.

also zephy you need to bump this thread and link whenever you make a new post

also you should do a blog post running down all the joe casey trades that are available

That’s okay. There’s nothing you need to know that you can’t read in a few paragraphs on the interwebs.

I agree to a point about the explanations. On one hand, Johns has done more for GL mythology in the last 6 years than any other creator, but at the same time there are months when the title “Green Lantern” seems like a misnomer with the utter lack of Hal Jordan’s voice. In that regard, he hasn’t done much to dispel the notion that many of DC’s Silver Age characters lack personality. I hate to complain, because I don’t think GL has ever been better, but sometimes I just miss Hal.

I second the bumping idea.

Thanks for the vote of interest, fellas. I’ve just updated with a brief post again.

This Ain’t Kansas.
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Like I said, brief.

I don’t know if you guys looked at the archive but I had started writing some (fairly long) reviews/commentary on Human Target. It’s just been a good long while since the last time I posted one. I’ve got sort of a stockpile of them sitting around in my hard drive, and I will post my write-up on Human Target #3 sometime this week. (For some reason, my reviews of each individual issue of the miniseries are ridiculously long-winded. I’ve tried to cut this down by the time I wrote my review of Final Cut and the ongoing series #1, so hopefully I can be more economical with my words.)

Doing a post on Joe Casey’s TPBs sounds like it would be fun. I’ll definitely try to work that in at some point. It would take me a long time if I tried to write detailed reviews of each one, so maybe I’ll do it as a bunch of capsule reviews.

Well, here’s another update. This time it’s my write-up of the third issue of Milligan’s Human Target miniseries. You can check out the “Human Target” tag at the end of the post to see the other ones.

This Ain’t Kansas.
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I made a brief update after checking out the DC May solicits.

This Ain’t Kansas.
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Aah! That sucks that the milligan story is reprinted as a DC Comics Presents floppy and not a trade. It sounds good

For 7.99 though that is a good deal, just bag and board it when done reading and it’ll stay good. I’m going to have this put in my folder as soon as it hits, ever since Zephy talked it up to me I’ve been trying to track it down, what a stroke of luck.