Zenpo Tenshin

-this post is by ChromeX (ill have my internet up in a few days and stop posting under ellesd’s name)

so im just wondering is the grab really worth the 50% dmg decrease. idk it makes the genei an unblockable and its much easier than confirming w\e (c.shorts, s.strong, or even the launch kick) but should it be anything but a last resort im wondering?

The porpouse of the commad grab is to condition to your opponent into knowing that it is one of your options. So just staying there blocking isnt necesarily something that will work all the time.

If you mean while in genei jin then it depends, most of the damage you get when you activate genei jin by itself its worth it cause of the meter you gain when you connect a correct ender. But I wouldnt suggest to do command grab… 123 Genei Jin and continue the combo, its better in my opinion (unless is a guarantee kill or you wanna use a reset) to use something that knocks your opponent down so you can freely mix up.

BTW are you Erika or Im just triping? :wtf:

good shit man it’s basically good to create fear. impose your will if you would. thnx btw who the hell is erika? lol

oh Im tripping her username is chromer x lol