ZD Encoder for the PS2 Qs

I’m building a PS2/ Street fighter Third strike arcade cabinet. I pulled the trigger on a red ZD encoder for PC/PS2 / PS3. I found good reviews online for the PC (MAME) and PS3 (now that it supports a home button) but nothing for PS2. For now till I get the MAME system built, I’m going to be using the encoder for the PS2. Just wonder how it plays on the PS2 as far as input lag, SF3 is real picky on input. Also is there an Ebay shop that has them instock in the states, Shipping from China takes a long time.

There is already a WHOLE thread on the ZD encoder with alot discussed on it

I will give you the link and you can read up on the encoder.

Personally I prefer the MC Cthulhu

Thanks for the link, Darksakul!