I’ve been waiting for these zd encoders for a while, and realized I don’t want to fry them the moment I install then.

Will increasing the USB polling rate on these be harmful?

I’m running a P4 3.4, 1512MB Ram, XP SP3, with a 9200se Radeon using svid out to a CRT.

What would you be using to increase the polling rate?

I would try plugging it in and checking the bInterval of the first endpoint for the device. You can use USBView to view the device info once it is plugged in and registered. If the bInterval is already low you shouldn’t need to mess with it.

It might be helpful if you just copy and paste the whole USBView dump for the ZD for reference later.

Only mice have limited polling on a Windows machine. Most every other device can go far higher than the 250 hz polling that mice are given.