Zap Boom Ka-Pow Tournament! - Pembroke Pines, FL - July 15 (Thursdays Weekly)

Super Street Fighter 4 tournament at Zap Boom Ka-Pow Comics and Games!

Location: 7641 Pines Boulevard, Pembroke Pines, FL, 33024
Phone: 954-962-3322
Time: July 15 (Thursdays Weekly) Starts at 5 p.m.
Entry Fee: $5
Rules: 2/3 Matches, Winner keeps character between their matches, 99 seconds, Playstation 3 and arcade sticks allowed!
Cash Prizes (Depends on attendance)

What do you mean by controller pads only? No sticks?

Correct. PS3 controllers only, no sticks. We do it so everyone has an equal advantage.

EDIT: Arcade Sticks now allowed!

I don’t think banning sticks gives everyone an equal advantage. Giving people the ability to play on whatever they’re comfortable with gives people an equal advantage to play at their fullest. Banning sticks is a really bad idea dude. It eliminates the competition. I’d be surprised if more then 10 people showed up.

Though I can play on Pad and will show up anyway, I don’t like the idea of restricting the competition.

But, it’s not my tournament.


How is giving the people who only play on PS3 pad the equal advantage.
So if i go and, play i will lose easy because, the people who only use pad will beat me easily because i have no idea how to use pad.

So again tell me how is this fair in your mind.

Sephywoot, I can understand if you don’t know how to use an arcade stick. But knowing how to use one doesn’t give you an unfair advantage…look at Inthul, Shizza, or Wolfkrone. Those player’s are really great on Pad. You can do everything on a Pad you can do on an arcade stick. Banning sticks is ignorant man. I know a lot of people who are really great on a Pad, but some who could barely shoryuken on one. I think you should change the rules man.

You’re right. I love players like Inthul and Vangief and respect how they are awesome on pads. Alright I’ll allow the arcade sticks, help spread the word, thanks dude :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner, EVO 2010 was so hype that it crashed Shoryuken for a while lol.

Ok since everyone is talking about playing with the Pad and Sticks, playing fair, how about all players play by DEFAULT BUTTON CONTROLS. I was in the first tourney on July 8th. I have SSF4 on the 360 because thats the only system i have at the moment. I was kind of nervous because i never played SSF4 on PS3. So everything felt weird to me lol but i gave it a shot. I lost the match and i was out the tourney (didn’t warm up, which i should’ve done) the ps3 buttons seemed like i had to push them hard just to get a response. On the 360 i mainly use the analog stick, which seems more better than the ps3 analog stick. The ps3 analog seems a bit loose but thats how i feel about it, so i had to resort the d-pad, which felt a little bit better…

ANYWAY most players where playing by there own controls, but i feel like since this is a tournament i think all players should play by default button controls. But hey thats just my opinion, would anyone agree with me?..

Sounds good Sephy. Also, @Mia. Some people are used to different button layouts. I play default, but a close friend of mine plays Type B. Some people are just used to different button layouts. I don’t think it matters.

I think it’s okay if players switch controls, I see it allowed at all the tournaments I’ve seen. It’s just people’s preferences to switch the buttons around. I think mostly the arcade stick users do it because the default might be weird on the sticks.

I also understand you switching to play with the PS3 controller. The back buttons are slippery and need to be pushed a little hard. Also, keep using the D-Pad because the analog sucks. Everything else should be good, I remember switching from Xbox to PS3 controller as well, took me like 10 minutes to get used to it, I like it more than the 360 controller when it comes to fighting games. Just practice before the next tournament and you should be fine. See you there!

are we gonna see Tekken 6 next week??? been waiting on that for a while lol

Not sure but we’ll definitely get some variety going when we get a second TV :slight_smile: