Zangief player in need of a Claw sparring partner

Hello comrades! I’m a Zangief player in need of a Claw sparring partner. I’m looking for someone who either knows the matchup and is willing to help me level up, or someone who is looking for some training against the Red Cyclone. Both PSN and XBL work for me depending on your preference.

Thanks in advance!

Addendum: I’m in Oakland, CA.

look at my match against itabashi zangief, it could help a lil!

Was he using ultra 1 in that match? It was difficult to tell.

no, ultra2!

Should use U2 against Vega anyway, limits his options since if you didn’t make it difficult for him to jump/walldive before, you will when you get that meter for ultra.

Course, a good Vega isn’t even going to think about coming at you with a walldive either.