ZANGIEF Matchup Thread

I remember you from way back when. I’ll still beat you down!

Standing HK is incredibly effective against the advance of Zangief. It is almost as powerful as Sagat’s standing HK from vanilla SF4.

I found, and f.hp to be really effective at keeping Gief away. Be careful with f.hp though that you’re not too close to him otherwise you’re open to a grab, it also has quite the startup. and are pretty good pokes and keep you away farther. I utilize Charlie’s dash as well to move in and out of reach.

cr.hp great aa against gief

The best way I find this match up to be played is very patiently. We all like to do some rush down here and there but against zangief is not the place to do so.

As the other players are saying and are great tools to fight him and keeping the distance, besides that, using sonic boom can be pretty useless at some points since he can eat it up by turning red, so i recommend whenever you’re at mid range to use the ex version so it breaks the red armor he gets.

Dont be predictable with your jump ins and dash out whenever you’re in range for a throw.

I’m very inexperienced at the game but this has been working against the Giefs I find online.

I feel the match is in Nash’s favor (as the matchup’s have scored in Eventhubs), so long as Nash stays OUT and keeps away. Vary your Booms from mid-far range to control space and cover your next attacks. Nash doesn’t have strong reversals and Gief’s strong point is upclose and his vortex, so if he gets in on Nash it’s most likely over without VReversal or VT.

Occasional jump ins and pokes to change up your tactics. S.MK, s.HK, c.HP are standard AA moves if Gief tries to get in, just now your spacing. Try to condition Gief into throwing pokes after resetting the neutral game after hitting him with your AA of choice. It gives Nash the option to control again with his Booms or catching Gief off guard with M. Tragedy assault or moonsault.

Nash can keep control of the match so long as Gief doesn’t get in and start his vortex.

MK sonic scythe seems to do wonders for me here as long as I space it well and don’t abuse it. Add that to all of the other suggestions on here, and there are plenty of tools for facing Gief.

I’d add that a sonic boom >dash> MK sonic scythe keeps them locked down pretty good too.

Gief is just a sandbag in front of Nash
Free match

^^ Thanks for the insight :expressionless:

How do you deal with his charged fierce punch and v skill? I just get parried to death by those.

you can just sweep him out of the charged fierce.

dont be to predictable with your sonic scythe´s because he can just parry and grab you.
use your different fireballs to keep him away and punish him on jumps. each parry of him will give him the full gray damage so even when he parrys it continue to throw them out when you are safe to build that up.

when you are in the corner or near to it use your vreversal to gain some space again…with a runaway game he has no chance at all against nash.

This match up IMO is still the same as season 1. The only thing you need to be aware of is his V-Trigger because it can go through your booms if it activates at a perfect time. Zangief ability to build meter from his headbutt isn’t really a big problem for you, at least for me it’s not.