Zangief Combo Thread

Please point out any problems/inconsistencies etc. I’ve tried to link back to the original posts for further explaination, context and so on.

Tag-in Combos:
Mid Screen:
:mp: :mp: :mk:xx:hk:

holbroal: For tagging:
close :mp:, far :lk:, :3k: (or :3p:but you can get some better combos with your partner with KKK) then tag

:mp: :mp: :mp:xx:3p: (lariat)

1 Meter:
MiaManny: 510 damage
In the Corner, Jump In:hp:, cL.Standing:mp:, farStanding:mp:, Standing:lk:, xx EX :qcf::lp::mp:,(green hand) cL.standing:mp:, cL.standing:mp:,cL.standing:mp:, xx :lp::mp::hp:(lariat)

bitbna1 BnB
X (Example Bodysplash) into cl. st. :hp: link into st. :lk: * xx EX GH and then juggle with cl. st. :mk: , cl. st. :mp: , and st. :mk: chain to st. :hk:
*2f link

Fireball punish
:qcf::lp::mp: (EX GH) :mp: :mp: :mk:x:hk:
Alternative follow-up:
Only Ash Remains
c.:mk: >> s. :mk: xx lariat

Team Specific:
Willix: Ogre

[details=Spoiler]My Zangief/Ogre anti-air BnB’s :
1- Anti-air Lariat (d+PPP) x Switch Cancel (mp+mk), uf+lk x uf+mk, x qcb + hp (404 damage, 1 bar)
2- Anti-air Lariat (d+PPP) x Swtich Cancel (mp+mk), uf+lk x uf+mk, x dp + lk, Cross Cancel (mp+mk),,,, (481 damage , 2 bars)
3- Anti-air Lariat (d+PPP) x Switch Cancel (mp+mk), uf+lk x uf+mk, x dp + lk, Cross Cancel (mp+mk),,, x Punch Lariat (corner variation, 494 damage , 2 bars)
4- Anti-air Lariat (d+PPP) x Switch Cancel (mp+mk), uf+lk x uf+mk, x qcf + PPP (515 damage, 3 bars)[/details]


Team Combo Videos:







My meterless bnb (including Tag in):

X (EX. Body Splash) Cl St. Hp link (1 frame link) far st. mp x st. hk x launcher - your character’s maximum juggle. You usually get 500+ meterless off of this, regardless of screen position.

I cant link Lk to Ex green hand. Is it a one frame link

Do a shoryuken motion, then press lk, and then press two punch buttons. No, it is not a two frame link.

RYU: Cr.Hp> Fierce Dragon punch> Tagout> ZANGIEF> St.Mp> St.Mp> St.Mk> St.HK> Tagout > RYU> Cr.Mp> Fierece Dragon punch>+500damage for 2 bars
The only thing is you gotta make sure zangief hits his part of the combo asap. otherwize the Cr.Mp will wiff. i did this online to someone who did a empty tag in and i punished him with this and its a big game changer.

Ryu> Overhead> Tagout > Zangief> Close Standing Fierce Punch> St.Lk> St.Mp> St.hp another great combo that does great damage for just 1 bar and you could extend this even further if wanted.

Hope you guys enjoy and tell me what you think of the combos i created :slight_smile: i have done both of these combos online and offline ( i say i created cuz i can :))

Is the timing on the corner-tag mp combo quite strict? I can never get it to come out quickly enough it seems.

You mean the three standing MP followed by lariat? No, it’s pretty forgiving and the close st. MP is actually quite quick; just make sure you get the first one in early after the tag.
I’ve seen people substitute the last MP for MK so maybe try that if you start it too late.

You were right, I just hadn’t worked out the timing at all, really forgiving actually. For meterless bnb (whiffed srk punish, say) is everyone just using cl.hp linked to far mp (which I think is actually a 2f link) chained into launcher? Seems it would do beastly damage, the 2linked moves at the start doing 200 damage alone. I wonder whether it might be better to just cancel the linked mp into manual launcher, in order to avoid the boost combo scaling.

I recently picked up Gief, and was trying out some followup combos after ex green hand

Flying body splash cl.standing :mp: EX :dp: :2p: is the starter just as an example.

starter into cl.standing :mp: far standing :mp: far standing :mk: chain to far standing :hk: = 474 damage

starter into cl.standing :mp: cancel to PPP lariat = 442

starter into cr.:hp: far standing :lk: cancel into green hand = 459 damage

starter into cr.:hp: far standing :lk: far standing :mk: chain to far standing :hk: = 478 damage

The ones I found with cr.hp aren’t much better, but I’m just experimenting with stuff. These are all midscreen by the way.

corner j.hp/splash kkk lariat ppp lariat
mid screen j.hp/splash kkk lariat

hey, I’m not playing this game much, but after reading about the future patch and stuff I decided to put it back into my PS3 and practice a bit more gief.

  1. After the last balance patch (not the rolento fix one) that adjusted his lariat, he can now no longer do KKK lariat into PPP lariat after an ex green hand

  2. most damaging combo I could find (for 1 bar) would be cr.hp ex green hand cr.hp PPP lariat. The part after the ex green hand is corner only and the part before is extremely hard to land due to it being character specific (or just harder on some chars than others).

Anyways that’s all I’ve figured out after playing again so hopefully it helped a little.

I’ve been playing a lot of Gief lately and most of the combos specified are not actually that optimal damage wise,

My common jump in / cross up combo consists of,

Fierce Splash / jump in Fierce, close st. strong xx ex Green hand, st. strong x 2, st. forward xx stand roundhouse

That combo does 474 damage, just because you can hit shorts does not mean it’s optimal, I consider that my BnB.

It’s possible to link a cr. Strong into a st. Strong as well, the timing is just tight but it can potentially lead to some big damage, in order to lead into a cross rush I’ll generally go for st. Strong > st. Strong xx Roundhouse, launch, it does a lot more damage than triggering a cross rush off of l, m, h, h due to the scaling on links vs. chains.

u have to hit confirm m8

Hit confirm from splash into close strong, what is so complicated about that, you don’t need to throw in a mindless jab beforehand to hurt your scaling before you bounce and juggle with links.

Hit confirm from stand strong, a brilliant poke mind you, into a second stand strong followed by fierce xx launch. Again, far more optimal than mashing out a magic series.

i am talking abt
Fierce Splash / jump in Fierce, close st. strong xx ex Green hand, st. strong x 2, st. forward xx stand roundhouse

thats a punish combo not bnb

Yes, that is, it’s a jump in or a cross up after a hard knockdown, that’s the standard BnB after a cross up / hard knockdown or off a neutral jump, the angle on a neutral jump fierce is pretty good with Gief.

If you’re looking for a hit confirm, without jumping you’d link a stand strong, into a second stand strong xx roundhouse xx launch and go for a cross rush for max damage, or if you want to burn meter you can do stand strong x2, stand short xx green hand, stand strong x2, stand forward xx roundhouse.

Far standing strong is one of Gief’s best pokes. The reason I go into roundhouse instead of fierce before launch is because it gives you a higher juggle, it doesn’t allow for more hits, but it makes it easier to confirm off the launch.