Yuri doesn't suck after all...thanks to Japan?

I’ve gotten into Yuri over the past month or so of playing, and I’m trying to figure out why she’s usually considered low-tier or close to it.

Here’s what I think she has going for her:

  1. great AA in her low Fr and st. Rh (from a distance), and perhaps others, such as a well-placed st. Fr, and even her ground special move (sounds like she says “Sifa!”, haha)

  2. good normals: jump-in Rh, jump-in Fw for air-to-air, good ground pokes like st. Rh again, low Rh, but not sure about st. Fr (her most damaging normal, I think)

  3. one of the BEST overheads in the game that is worth
    using–toward+Fw (unless it’s dangerous to use it too closely on any particular characters, even if she connects with it!!!)

  4. good supers with good variety: good for combos and the Super Projectile is good AA

  5. she has some good combos, and can do more damage than Sakura, even if she’s not as good a character

  6. good custom(s)?

What’s bad about her? I know she takes damage pretty badly and some say she doesn’t do enough, herself, but there must be more to it than that…

low priority? bad wakeup game? I hardly see ppl use her, but after all–that proves nothing in this game :slight_smile:

Here is to hoping she’s worth learning for regular use!

I love using Yuri…she’s a fun character thats VERY effective but I seriously think the reason she is never used is because of damage.
She’ll hit Blanka like 10 times, he does 2 fierces and its all even. She just can’t really compete with the more powerful characters in the game because they all seem to have equally as good or better pokes/specials etc. But she does no damage, and takes way more…how is that fair? Let’s not even bring into account the ratio system. R2 Sagat vs R1 Yuri is just stupid.
Big boss type characters own this game…mostly for the same reason why Yuri can’t really compete. Let’s take a look at the weaker(heath bar) characters that are top tier, they all seem to have some way of dishing out huge damage.

Sakura - RC’s everything in your face and gets frame advantage(can guard crush very fast). Godly poke(s.rh). Insane damage on Custom, which also happens to destroy Blanka, P and K Groove.

Chun Li - RC’s everything in your face and gets frame advantage(can guard crush very fast). Godly pokes(moslty s/c strong). Insane damage on C Groove cancel, easily combos into super 15 times a round…her S.Strong might not do much damage but S.StrongXX super and the games over…

Cammy - Fierce punch in your face all day long, mixups everwhere…Godly pokes (S.rh, C.Fwd…) all connect to super. If she did more damage and took less she would probably be the best in the game.

Hibiki - Best set of normals in the game, or at least next to Cammy. Pokes with every button…if she did more damage and took less she would probably be the best in the game.

Yuri - Good pokes, Good specials, Good supers…no way of dealing a lot of damage.

I’ve seen a couple good Yuri’s. A K-groove rusher and a C-groover that likes to control the pace of the match.

both are totally annoying cause her normals are pretty good and have decent priority and her specials help her annoyance. and hell her supers are good too…

Everything Yuri does Sakura does better. Except the air fireball game. But that dies to rc.

Yuri’s customs aren’t great but it’s so damn easy anyone can do it(repeated DPs/qcf+p/qcb+p/hcb+k).

Thats 100% true, sadly, but noone said using Yuri would be easy! :wink:

Check the Yuri character thread for more discussion on this, this should help people who are new to her.


Well I find (A groove)Yuri Somewhat difficult to be used as a good character. Her cross up is unreliable if at all non existant. She has like 2 combos. Her trap doesnt work anymore. Her custom doesnt do much damage. And she cant keep opponents locked down. Roll canceled shields are good. She takes damage like the little whore she is and doesnt put out worth a shit. Unlike Sakura who Does massive damage even as a Ratio 1 and she can dizzy you in less than five seconds. takes two combos. When your locked down by sakura all you can do is let off the joystick cause retaliating on wake up is only going to get you hit by a roll cancel hurricane or fireball. All of sakuras Normals are better than Yuris and have mad priority. And not to mention Dive kicks give cammy and sakura a HUUUUGE advantage over other characters cause they have instant recovery if wiffed and put you in block stun if blocked long enough for there HIGH Priority Fierce punches to hit you in the face and combo you. Cammy or Sakura IMO have far more assets to assist them. And thats a reason why theyre considered top tier. SHO SHO SHO all the way!

For Sakura and Cammy dive kick and cammy ground arrow I think you can jump straight up and fierce… but yeah they can kill yuri easy

Well, a while back when I was messing with “the uncommons” on A-Groove, I was messing with Yuri.

I came up with this CC -

Yuri Sakazaki

6000 MAX Damage
6000 Combo Damage
Max Combo 29

(w/ Enemy Cornered)
c.lp, c.lk, qcf+lp, (activate), s.HK, qcb+hp(Saiha, when meter passes 50%, perform 1 more Saiha then…), hcb+hk, qcfhcb+hk.

You can also start the combo above with c.lp, c.mp into qcf+mp, but after the HK you’ll have to jump forward with 1-2 j.HK’s to keep the enemy up, since c.mp pushes you back more.

Another combo is

6964 MAX Damage
6964 Combo Damage
Max Combo 29

(w/ Enemy Cornered)
j.HK, (close)s.HP, hcf+hp (activate), s.HK, j.hk, j.hk, s.HK, fcb+hp till meter is almost gone, qcfhcb+hk

^ Probably her most damaging one that I have come up with her ^

R1 Right?

R2 actually, lol.

Well, I dont remember now, I did that a long time ago (that info was a copy & paste from this other forum I posted it on). I think it was R2 Yuri vs. R2 Blanka or someshit.