Yung Kratos's trading thread dual modded sticks inside

Got some stuff for sale:
-Street Fighter X Tekken V.S. Edition Fightstick: $210 shipped
-Eightarc Ebony: $130 shipped
-Lost Odyssey (360): $10 shipped
-Marvel Ultimate Alliance (360) : $5 Shipped
-Project Gotham Racing 4 (360) : $5 Shipped
-Parasite Eve(PSX) Black Label: $25 Shipped
-Gran Tourismo 2 (PSX) Greatest hits :$5 Shipped
-Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Soundtrack: $5 Shipped
-The King Of Soundtracks: $5 Shipped
-Persona 4 Arena Soundtrack: $5 Shipped

All manuals and cases are included all discs are in impeccable condition do have some pics will post soon.

V.S. fightstick pictures

Eightarc pics

Have a copy Of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for 360 I’m looking to trade for PS3 version or sell for 35 + shipping
For anyone who trades I will throw 5 extra at you if you have preorder codes

also looking to trade my slim 250 gb 360 for a ps3 ill trade games and pads too depending on the offer optimal deal obviously would include ttt2 :slight_smile:


Fat 60 gb Xbox 360(local deal)

Red Ds Lite + R4(local deal)


Pics have been added

should be working now not that theres much to look at with that garbage picture quality and oh so great lighting with the single lightbulb that is in my room.

I want tp purchase the vs edition fight stick. msg me with how to go about doing in hand. contact a s a p. thanks!! or msg on here i suppose.

V.S. Stick has been sold pending payment

PM sent!

first post has been updated with a price drop V.S. stick is back up for sale unless I hear from the original buyer about payment

had another false buy stick is still available

updated first post

Bump price drop and removed Item.

still available fr sale?



pm has been replied too

Replied + Free bump + GLWS

Bump price drop… again

I’ll take this. What dual mod is it?

Pm replied to

Bump updated first post