Yun without SA3

I’ve been trying with Yun alot recently,but have been wondering.Without Genie-Jin is Yun still able to really get wins. I know this is pretty knewbish,but I’ve only been using him for about a month and have been trying to use him with SA2.

All I ever see are SA3 starts with him,but like I said before;what is his main problems without Genie-Jin?

no damage no imitimidation combined with his low defense

but i think yun have a medium/good weak up game if he not have genei jin
for example dive kick intro chain , s.forward, grab etc.
yes, he is weak and he not have good damage if he not have meter
but his mind games go for meter not for damage (poking strings , zoning …etc)
excuse me if i am wrong

If you ask me It would be kinda hard to actually find good things about him without Genei Jin

there is people out there using other supers but I dont think they will ever get too far on a major without genei jin.

IMO theres no point in playing Yun without GJ. Not even “just for fun”. GJ is unique, fun and if that isnt enough then it’s EXTREMLY effective (duh). Yun sucks without GJ. He’s weak and takes mad damage. I myself think my Yun is really solid without meter but I think that would change if I didnt have genei-jin on my side to intimidate my opponent and get me out of sticky situations.

What I would recommend is you try Yang out. I started exploring him recently and he’s extremely effective and fun to use. He’s plays really different from yun, but he’s similar in alot of ways too.

i disagree with this i play all supers with yun for fun it really helps your game if you don’t have to rely on genei jin to win all the time

Well yeah thats true. I was just saying that you shouldnt expect to reach Yun’s full potential without GJ. It’s cool to use other supers but without knowing GJ you should reconsider using yun as a main… Im asuming you only use GJ when playing seriously. I maybe jumped the gun when I said Yun was boring without GJ. I play SA1 every now and then myself.